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LexisNexis Academic Industry and Executive Information

The LexisNexis Academic database was recently expanded to include Industry Dossier and Executive Dossier information. Tabs for Industry and Executive can be found within the Company Dossier section after clicking the Companies tab on the left side of the inital screen.

The Industry Dossier can be searched by SIC code or industry-related term to get information such as financials and ratios on leading firms in an industry, from providers such as Integra and Morningstar.

The Executive Dossier contains data on more than 58 million executives. This Dossier can be used to look up particular individuals or to create lists of executives, such as those in a certain job speciality or function in a certain industry in a certain geographic area.

LexisNexis Academic can be accesed from the Databases A-Z heading in the upper middle portion of the Library home page, the Business Portal, or this URL:


Iowa African American Hall of Fame

The Iowa African American Hall of Fame (IAAHF) was founded in 1995 and aims to recognize "outstanding achievements of African Americans with respect to enhancing quality of life for all Iowans."  More than 60 individuals have been inducted into the IAAHF; photos are included for some inductees. For more details visit their website at

Historical African American Newspapers

More than 65 historical African American newspapers are highlighted in a new research guide prepared by the Marist College Library. Most of the newspapers are freely available online, thanks to digitization projects undertaken by various libraries, historical societies, and Google. The guide arranges the newspapers by title, by six historical time periods, and by geographic area of coverage. The guide is available at

A Rod Library Guide, Digitized African American History Sources, highlights many additional sources, organized by topic or historical period. The guide is available at






Michael Porter's Five Forces Model

The IBISWorld United States database includes reports on more than 700 industries. These reports are based loosely on Michael Porter's Five Forces model and may be helpful for students doing industry analyses. For example, the Products & Markets section of the reports typically discuss demand determinants, while the Competitve Landscape section covers topics such as barriers to entry, the basis of competition, and industry concentration.

IBISWorld is a licensed Rod Library database and can be accessed directly at this URL which works from on-campus and off-campus (will be prompted for UNI CatID if off-campus):

IBISWorld also can be accessed from the Rod Library Business Portal and from the Rod Library Databases A-Z list.

A second licensed database, the Small Business Reference Center, also includes industry reports. Some reports published by Datamonitor include explicit Five Forces analysis. A full text search for "five forces" turns up reports such as Breakfast Cereals Industry Profile, for example. This database also can be accessed from the Business Portal and Databases A-Z.

Other databases listed under the Industries & Markets tab on the Business Portal may lead to industry/market reports or articles from academic journals, trade journals, and business magazines that would be useful in five forces analysis of a given industry.


Small Business Reference Center

 Rod Library recently added this database as a result of a contract change negotiated by the State Library of Iowa.

It contains the full text of about 400 periodicals,  about 450 reference books,  numerous small business "how to" videos, and several hundred industry reports from Datamonitor. It's listed under Databases A-Z on the Rod Library home page and also from this direct link:


New ABI/INFORM Interface

ProQuest has introduced a new interface for its databases such as ABI/INFORM Complete, ABI/INFORM Archive, and Hoover's Company Profiles. Rod Library switched to this new interface over the summer. The databases can be accessed from these links, from the Business Portal, or from the Rod Library home page, Databases A-Z heading.

The new interface provides search modes such as as basic, advanced, and data & reports.  The data & reports mode provides an easy way to search a set of industry and market reports from publishers such as First Research Industry Profiles, Business Monitor International, and Just-Series Market Research Reports; commodity reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU); and Country Reports from EIU and Oxford Analytica.

The advanced mode provides an easy way to identify source types such as scholarly journals; document types such as case studies, interviews, and industry and market reports; and document features such as cartoons.

ABI/INFORM Complete cover 1971 to the present. ABI/INFORM Archival covers 1905-1985. Hoover's Company Profiles provide details such as products & operations, subsidiaries, competitors, and brief financials.

The yellow Find It button that links to full text in other databases is not available for the time being; for now, look for an "SFX" button to link to full text.

Electronic Books from ebrary

Rod Library has been adding an increasing number of electronic books and other e-publications over the last several years. This year, Rod Library used student technology fees to purchase an electronic books collection from a company called ebrary. It contains electronic books covering many areas of the UNI curriculum, including several thousand business and economics books from publishers such as Harvard University Press, several additional university presses, Amacom, Wiley, and Business Expert Press. Ebrary books are entered in UNISTAR, the library catalog, like print books. Here’s one example for a book about Veblen. Look for the link in the middle of the UNISTAR library catalog record to connect to the electronic book. The ebrary collection also can be searched as a separate database; there’s a link to ebrary under the Databases A-Z link in the upper middle portion of the Rod Library home page. Ebrary books can be read in web browsers using a default reader or more functional “ebrary reader.” Personal accounts can be created to save highlights and annotations, save to your bookshelf, and create folders. The vendor says they are working to make these books available through other devices such as Sony Readers.

Open Source Business and Economics Textbooks

Flat World Knowledge is offering free and open online access to textbooks in many fields, including more than 40 in business areas such as accounting, communication, business law, economics, finance, management, and marketing. The publisher says the textbooks "are written by leading experts and are peer-reviewed, edited, and highly developed. They are supported by test banks, .ppt notes, instructor manuals, print desk copies, and knowledgeable service representatives." Print copies in black and white or color are available for purchase, as are electronic versions for iPad, nook, Kindle, and Sony. An Educator FAQ provides more details.

Text Message Number Change

The number for requesting research help and other information about Rod Library resources and services via text message has changed to:


Research help also can be requested through other channels such as chat, email, telephone, and in person.

Snapshots of 100 Industries

Industries at a Glance, a site from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, contains snapshots of more than more than 100 industries, arranged alphabetically and by NAICS industry code. The site overview says, "These pages display a ‘snapshot’ of national data obtained from different BLS surveys and programs. Many programs also produce additional industry detail, including state and regional data." The Accommodation industry (NAICS 721) snapshot, for example, includes data on employment, union membership, layoffs, employment by occupation, earnings, prices, establishments, and so on.

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