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Q&A: How do you find articles on the pharmaceutical industry in marketing journals?

There are different ways to do this. Here are two: 1. Business journal databases like ABI/INFORM and Business Source Elite have a way to look for articles on a topic in specific journals. With Business Source Elite (access from Rod Library home page, Databases A-Z, or from Business Portal), enter the search like this on the form; the italicized words are what you would type: "journal of marketing" or "journal of marketing research" in SO Publication Name and pharmaceutical* This says the search results must have Journal of Marketing or Journal of Marketing Research in the Publication Name field and they must also have the root word pharmaceutical. Puting the asterisk at the end of the word also gets pharmaceuticals. If the database itself does not have the full text, look for the yellow Find It! button; it may be available in another database or in print at Rod Library. The same type of search can be done in Advanced Search in ABI/INFORM and in Business & Company Resource Center. ABI/INFORM also has a Publications tab; there, you can pick a specific journal and then search for articles in it. 2. Using Panther Prowler, you can search several databases such as the above simultaneously, by picking Marketing or a related Field of Study.

The New York Times, 1851-2007

Rod Library recently added access to ProQuest’s Historic New York Times, a database which provides cover-to-cover access to full page and article images from 1851 – 2003. This link, for example, shows the the front page reports on the "Black Thursday" stock crash in 1929. It is accessible from the Databases A-Z menu that appears under the Journal and Magazine Articles (Panther Prowler) heading on the Library home page and through UNISTAR, the Library’s online catalog.

Q&A: How do you find articles in a specific journal?

Let's say you want to find articles on cheating that appeared in the Journal of Business Ethics. There are different ways to do this; here's one approach: 1. find a database that indexes Journal of Business Ethics. Databases like ABI/INFORM and Business Source Elite index several thousand business journals and magazines. 2. Connect to ABI/INFORM. Click the Publications tab and enter Journal of Business Ethics in the Search box. You will get a page for this journal that lists available issues and includes a search box to enter terms. 3. Enter the term cheating in the search box to identify articles on this topic from this journal. Another approach is to use the Advanced search form in databases like ABI/INFORM. In the Advanced multi-row search form, enter the name of the journal in the first row and use the drop-down to indicate the name must be the journal title field. In the second row of the form, enter the search term, like cheating. This can also be used to identify articles by a certain author in a certain journal.

Q&A: Where's the ProQuest database?

Answer: Business students are probably looking for the ProQuest database called ABI/INFORM Global. (Rod Library subscribes to other ProQuest databases that cover fields like criminal justice, art, and music.) When you connect to ABI/INFORM, you'll see that ProQuest is in large letters. 1. ABI/INFORM Global can be accessed from the Rod Library Business Portal at 2. It can also be accessed from the Databases A-Z and by Field of Study in the middle of the Rod Library home page

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