Q&A: How do you find academic journal articles about a company that has implemented some particular management concept?

Business journal databases like ABI/INFORM Global provide a way to limit results to academic (or scholarly or peer-reviewed) . This method does not work perfectly, but it will get you to academic journals faster. In the case of ABI/INFORM, check the box for Scholarly Journals at the bottom of the search box, or click the Scholarly Journals tab after you get the search results. Let's say the management concept is social responsibility. If you want articles that deal with some specific company, such as Nike, enter the term like this in Basic Search in ABI/INFORM: nike and social responsibility If you want to find articles on social responsibility in regard to a specific company, and it doesn't matter which company, enter the search like this: case studies and social responsibility This tends to get articles that discuss a specific company or companies and the other specified topic. The search can be tightened up in some cases by going to Advanced Search and looking for cases studies [dropdown: in Subject] and social responsibility ABI/INFORM is available from the Rod Library home page under Databases A-Z and also from the Rod Library Business Portal.