Temperatures in the Building

We are finally getting some warm temperatures outside this week.  We hope you have been enjoying the sun.  The calendar tells us we are still in early spring however, where we'll have some hot days and some very cool days.  Because this is a transition period we will have some days where the building is too warm. 

We've heard comments from some of you that Rod Library is a bit warm right now.  We are sorry that this may make an uncomfortable study environment for you.  We ask for your patience until it is the best time for our air conditioning to be turned on.  Switching to the cooling season is not an easy or quick process. Physical Plant, our HVAC experts, plan our switch carefully based on the long term forecast.  We have some very cool nights coming up in the next week so it isn't time yet to switch to cooling.

Thanks for your patience!

Maps, Atlases, and Government Documents Microfiche moving to First Floor

You will notice a lot of activity going on in the library.  We are moving the maps, atlases, and government documents microfiche from the southwest corner of the main (second floor) of the library as we make room for other new and exciting things! The maps, atlases, and government documents microfiche will move to its new home on the bottom (first floor) in the northeast corner. If you need assistance in locating these materials after they are moved, please feel free to Ask Us!

New Public Printers

We have 2 new public printers in the Learning Commons.  As some of you may know, our Reference 2-B and Learning Commons printers had seen better days and were experiencing continual problems.  Both printers have now been replaced with new ones, and are ready for you to print your assignments out!

Thank you for your patience as we waited for the new printers to arrive.

Excuse our Mess!

Please excuse our mess!  We have been preparing the first floor northeast corner of the building for a change!

Today we moved almost all the furniture out of the northeast corner of the first floor so that the carpeting may be shampooed on Friday.

Then on Tuesday April 8 we will be moving the Maps Collection, the Government Documents Microfiche Collection, Atlas and Maps Reference Collection, and Maps File Cabinets to the first floor.  Watch for our signs!

If you need help finding a map, atlas, or another item from this collection please be sure to stop at the Reference Desk or the Circulation Desk.  We would be happy to help you!

Email Messages from Library

Due to email problems with the UNISTAR Online Catalog, several email messages sent from the Library or directly by patrons to themselves since approximately March 21st, were not actually sent. The problem should be fixed now so please try again if you did not receive an email you sent to yourself.

Rod Library Seeking FAA Permission

 It turns out that retail powerhouse Amazon isn't the only business with lofty ambitions... The university of Northern Iowa's own Rod library has been busy for the past few years with "Project Lightning Rod." Essentially, the University is developing plans to deliver library materials directly to student dorms, apartments, and houses via drone by 2018. "Staying relevant in the digital frontier is about more than updating a website" said Access Services Coordinator Biff Stroganoff. "It is about commissioning 150 Used MQ-1 Predator drones from the pentagon and programming them to deliver classic literature and microfiche to the student body." The project may sound far reaching, however, the library staff is excited about the potential applications. "This really is a brave new world", said drone enthusiast and reserve desk employee Lila Wayward. There are discussions happening right now about increasing student staffing, expanding the building, and equipping the roof with numerous radar antenna and landing strips.

While this project may put the university on the map, some in the Cedar Valley are skeptical and want to proceed with caution. "What attempts are being taken to ensure that a copy of 50 Shades of Gray isn't being delivered into the hands of am innocent child?" Asked local Mary Jo Stills. "The library is an institution you seek out, not one that comes for you," said the overly concerned Stills. Despite lingering concerns, it is clear that students will enjoy the easy access to reference materials that the project promises. "It is so simple", said on site project lead Linda McLaury. "If a student wants a medical journal from 1997 delivered to their door they need only go to our Facebook page and click on the Drone Deliver link. From there they will search for the material on the millennium reference site. That is assuming there OS is up to date and they use something other than Chrome or Mac. Then they can geotag their location with a new tumblr app that is currently compatible with android and windows mobile platforms." Once this process is complete, student could potentially see the requested materials within a matter or mere days!

It should be noted that this is not the only futuristic endeavor that is going on behind the scenes. The university is also researching dehydrated meal plans for the students who do not want to leave their rooms during the months of November through March. Happy April 1, 2014.

Library Mini ComicCon on March 29th

In case you haven't heard, the library is hosting a mini ComicCon this Saturday, March 29th from noon-5pm. 

Several activities will take place that day including: 

  • Panel Discussions
  • Magic Tournament
  • Trivia Contests
  • Coloring Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Photobooth
  • Table Top Gaming
  • Video Gaming Tournament
  • Costume Contest
  • Artist Alley with local artists showcasing their work

For more information go to the main ComicCon website.

To join the Facebook event and see some of the artists' work, go here.

Take Your Shot of the Day

Stop by across from the
Circulation Desk

and shoot for your chance to win a shot of caffeine

(okay actually a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or apple cider)




Live Music in Rod Library

Today at noon Jason Weinberger, Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony conductor will be performing "New York Counter Point for 11 Clarinets" under Dichotomy on the main floor. Stop in and enjoy!

March 2014 Exhibits



March is Women's History Month and our first ever Rod Library Mini Comic Con.  Check out the displays throughout the building as we celebrate March. 

For more information about exhibits at Rod Library see our exhibits web page.

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