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Beyond Google Class coming in Spring of 2015!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about searching for information? Do you want to learn the secrets to using Google? Do you want to get credit while learning cool and new things?  Do you want to work and expand your mind in ways never before? 

Rod Library has just the thing for you! We will be offering a new course, Beyond Google, beginning in the spring of 2015!  These are one-credit, half-semester long courses that will meet two days per week. Rod Library will offer two sections for the first half of the semester and two sections for the second half of the semester.  

Sign up for these classes by searching for UNIV 1059: Beyond Google during your Spring 2015 registration process.  See you at the library in the spring! 


Maps, Atlases, and Government Documents Microfiche moving to First Floor

You will notice a lot of activity going on in the library.  We are moving the maps, atlases, and government documents microfiche from the southwest corner of the main (second floor) of the library as we make room for other new and exciting things! The maps, atlases, and government documents microfiche will move to its new home on the bottom (first floor) in the northeast corner. If you need assistance in locating these materials after they are moved, please feel free to Ask Us!

University Avenue Environmental Assessment - in print and online

A copy of the the University Avenue/IA 934 From IA 58 to U.S. 63 Black Hawk County, Iowa Environmental Assessment and De Minimis Impact Finding from the Iowa Department of Transportation is available for public viewing.  
This item has been placed on Permanent Reserve at the MultiService Center desk located on the main floor of the library.  It is available for a 3 hour check out but cannot be taken out of the building.  There are scanners and copiers available if there are certain pages you want to copy.
If you are not affiliated with UNI, you can use your visitor's card or driver's license to check this item out. 

Listing: Government Websites Completely Offline

Update: the following federal government websites are completely offline and inaccessible:
Bureau of Economic Analysis (
Library of Congress (
National Park Service ( is offline but you can still get to


Sharing the Results: You Talk. We Listen. We All Win!

In the spring of 2013, Rod Library conducted the LibQUAL+ survey, better known as "You Talk. We Listen. We All Win!" We asked the campus community to tell us how well we are doing as a library, what we could improve upon, and to give us insight into what the UNI campus community expects from Rod Library.  We are happy to share the results with all of you.  You can find a summary report, a full report, and a spreadsheet of the comments we received at   


June 2013 Supreme Court Decisions

If you are looking for the decisions and opinions issued by the United States Supreme Court this week, the decisions can be found at on the right hand side of the screen under "Recent Decisions"

Here are the direct links to some of the more prominent decisions:
United States v. Windsor (DOMA decision):
Hollingsworth v. Perry (Prop. 8):
Shelby County v. Holder (Voting Rights Act of 1965):

Our Reference Collection has moved!

Reference Collection Location Picture

With all of the exciting changes going on in the library, the Reference collection has moved!  The Reference collection is now located by the government documents on the west end of the main (2nd) floor.  If you walk past the reference desk and Dichotomy, look to your right and you will see the Reference collection.  

Congratulations to our iPad mini winner, Chance!

Thanks to all of you who participated in Rod Library's You Talk. We Listen. We All Win! survey! We had over 800 respondents, which is fabulous!  We want to congratulate Chance on winning the grand prize of an iPad mini!  The other prize winners have been notified via their UNI email address.  So, be sure to check your UNI e-mail and see if you are a winner!

Rod Library will take all of your valuable feedback from the survey so that we can serve you even better in the future!

Save Money and Reduce Waste - NEW Water Bottle Filler Station

 Rod Library now has a water bottle filling station next to the women's restroom and near the Browsing Room on the main floor of the library! You can save money and reduce waste while enjoying cold chilled water!

New High-Tech Toys in the Library!

Guess what?!?! As part of the learning commons project, we now have 4 new mobile carts floating around the library for you to use!!. Each cart has a 47-inch flat screen monitor and cables that will allow you to connect your laptop and/or electronic devices to the flat screen monitor However, we only have cables for VGA and HDMI compatible devices. Carts have cords so they can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Instructions are on each of the carts.

We want you to use these carts and move them around the library to wherever you and your friends are working on that group project!

If you have any questions or comments, please visit us at the Reference desk on the main (2nd) floor!


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