Borrowing and Returning

To borrow material from the library, you must have a UNI identification card with your picture on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back. Present your ID and the material you wish to borrow to the Circulation Desk attendant who will scan your ID and then the barcode on each item being checked out.

However, another option, which is completely voluntary, is to register your fingerprint at the Department of Residence. The library has bioscan equipment that can identify you by reading your fingerprint, so if you don't have your ID, we can scan your fingerprint and check books out to you that way. 

Faculty members may authorize others to check out material in the faculty member's name. The faculty member must fill out an authorization form. The patron who is checking out material must present his/her own UNI ID, not the faculty member's.

Returning Materials

Confidentiality of Library Records
By law the library is prohibited from revealing the name of any person who has checked out, requested, or used library materials, except to the person him/herself.