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(1)  LearningExpress

Provides access to a comprehensive selection of career and academic resources that support job preparation, career advancement, college readiness, academic success, and enhancement of math, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. LearningExpress includes materials to help in preparing for professional certification, licensing, and aptitude tests; practice tests for exams such as the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT; resources for preparing for naturalization and U. S. citizenship; information about a variety of jobs
and careers;  and instruction in use of a computer and the Internet.  The database includes over 1,000 online practice tests and interactive tutorials as well as more than 200 ebooks. 

(2)  eHRAF World Cultures Database

Contains descriptive information on all aspects of 258 cultures worldwide.  Of value to research in all discipines.  Supports cross-cultural research, study of particular cultures, and exploring of diversity. 

These databases can be accessed via UNISTAR, the online catalog, or the Databases A –Z menu, for which there is a link on the Library’s home page (


Portico - Protecting the Library's Investment in E-Journals

Do you use the electronic journals available through the Library? Ever wonder what happens when a publisher goes out of business or drops a journal from its publications? Rod Library seeks to protect its investment in electronic journals and make purchased content available on an ongoing basis through its participation in Portico, an electronic archiving service. Portico provides a permanent archive of electronic scholarly journals issued by almost 200 contributing publishers. Campus-wide access to archived content becomes available to participating institutions when certain "trigger events" occur, and when titles are no longer available from the publisher or another source. Trigger events include: a publisher stops operations; a publisher ceases to publish a title; a publisher no longer offers back issues; or a publisher's delivery platform suffers "catastrophic and sustained failure." Portico also provides a means of securing perpetual access should a participating publisher choose to designate it as a provider of post-cancellation access.
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