Library Liaison Program

The library liaison program is designed to enhance communication between the Library and the academic departments of the University. Each academic department selects at least one faculty member to serve as a library liaison. Departments with a variety of programs or divisions may appoint more than one liaison.

The library liaison is responsible for communicating departmental needs and interests to the Library. The liaison is the official contact for the Library faculty who serve as subject bibliographers. The liaisons work with the bibliographers to build collections that support the curriculum, research activities, and interests of the University community, and that reflect changes in a discipline or field of study. As participants in this partnership, the teaching faculty have historically played an important role in the development of the Library's collections.

The liaison also serves as the Library's primary contact person for the dissemination of information about library policies, new programs, and special resources. Information about library services, such as library instruction sessions, may be sent to the liaison for distribution to departmental colleagues. The liaison is responsible for keeping colleagues informed of developments in the Library and for encouraging faculty involvement in developing the Library's collections and recommending modifications in their focus and emphasis.

The Head of Collection Management and Special Services is an ex officio member of the University Committee on Curricula and an elected member of the Library graduate faculty serves on the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee, providing additional avenues for information and communication about university curricula and related matters.

August 1996