Multiple Copies

Collection Development Policy

The library normally acquires only one copy of a particular title. Additional copies may be added to the collection when justified by extensive use or need for ready access in different reference units. As a rule, no more than three copies of a title will be acquired, even for Reserve use. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the subject bibliographer and Head of Collection Management and Special Services in the case of materials supporting regularly offered courses with high enrollments. Duplicate gift copies may be added when they become available in anticipation of the need to replace older, worn materials or titles frequently mutilated or lost.

Variant editions of literary and historical materials are acquired as local study and research interests make appropriate. Works of fiction found in the American Fiction Collection are duplicated in the Stacks collection as anticipated or expressed interest makes it advisable to do so.

New editions of titles in all disciplines are regularly acquired. Decisions to retain or withdraw older editions of a title are made by the bibliographers on a case-by-case basis.

Duplication of Formats

The library will acquire the same title in more than one format when use, ease of access, or preservation concerns justify doing so. Backfiles of high-use serial titles may be maintained in print and microform formats, particularly when it is desirable to preserve the print format because of graphics. Popular subject indexes and abstracts may be made available in print and electronic versions where warranted.

Revised December 2000