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Government Documents and Maps

Fast Facts about our Government Documents and Maps

  • Government documents are publications published by the federal and Iowa governments. This includes various agencies like the Department of Agriculture, the Census Bureau, and Congress.
  • Rod Library has been a selective depository for U.S. government publications since 1946
  • Rod Library receives approximately 34% of documents distributed by the Government Publishing Office
  • Collection serves the information needs of the university community as well as people living in the First Congressional District of Iowa
  • Government documents and maps can be found through UNISTAR or online sources
  • Government documents come in many forms: microfiche, CD-ROM, print, posters, and online
  • Collection has information on virtually all topics including federal regulations, civil rights, the population, and education
  • Maps are issued by the government as well as private publishers
  • Government documents and maps are located at the west end of the 2nd (main) floor past the reference desk
  • Most documents circulate
  • Collection is freely available to the public but there is a fee for photocopying materials
  • Assistance and questions may be directed to the Reference staff.

Where Can You Find Government Information?

  • Search our online catlog, UNISTAR
    There are government documents available in microfiche, print and electronic formats.  Microfiche and print documents can be found on the west half of the 2nd floor
  • Search the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP)
    CGP is a finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online
  • Search FDSys
    Digitized government publications from all three branches of government. Tutorials on how to use FDSys can be found here.
  • Search
    Portal for the U.S. government.  Easy to search and free access website designed to give you a centralized place to find information from U.S. local, state and federal government agency websites
  • Search or browse the Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects. The Registry contains records for projects that include digitized copies of publications originating from the U.S. Government. It serves as a locator tool for publicly accessible collections of digitized U.S. Government publications.

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