Microforms Collection

Microfilm and Microfiche in the Library

The MultiService Center desk administers the microfiche/microfilm collection and provides location assistance and help using the microform machines.  All microforms are stored in a set of metal cabinets located across from the MultiService Center.

Newspapers on microfilm are arranged by title and located in the first set of cabinets. Newspaper microfilm cabinet labels are electric pink. Periodicals and books on microfilm are arranged by Library of Congress Call Number. Periodical and book microfilm cabinet labels are electric green. ERIC documents on microfiche are arranged numerically by ED number. The ERIC document cabinet labels are yellow. Other micro collections include:

  • PERB contracts on microfiche
  • William Gray Research on Reading collection on microfiche
  • Corporate Reports on microfiche
  • Three Centuries of English Drama (Larpent Collection) on Microcard
  • Three Centuries of American Drama on Microcard
  • Miscellaneous other microfiche and microcards

There is a digital microform reader/printer across from the MultiService Center.  There is no charge to print from this printer.  In addition there are two microform reader/printers, all self-service, across from the MultiService Center.   There are two microfilm readers and four microfiche readers located in the brown study carrels.  There is also a microcard print station available.