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The Motor

The shades of night were coming down,
When, suddenly there dropped in town,
A youth with firm and steady tread,
Who bore this banner o'er his head;               

"Electric Motor."


"We ought to have it," the rich cried—
Then thought of his bank and sighed,
And as he tightened his purse's string,
The youth in clarion voice did sing

"Electric Motor."

"We want it," the rich men all did "holler"
And then they tighter squeezed each dollar.
And the youth dropped on the cold street stone
While from his lips escaped a moan

"Electric Motor."

Next morn they found him lying there
The breezes toying with his hair;
And, clenched in his nerveless fingers hard
These lines they found upon a card;

"If we can't have a motor
For God's sake
Give us a line of mule cars."

"By gum! it's a good thing,'' cried the banker
"It's just the thing for which I hanker,"
But he closed his money drawer with a bang,
While the youth cried out in nervous twang,

"Electric Motor."

"A meeting!" a manufacturer cried
''Let's call one and this thing decide.
"The youth's eyes beamed, this glad new hailing
And joyful now became his wailing

"Electric Motor."

Author Unknown, 1892

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