Diana, Princess of Wales, ephemeral print collection

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Diana, Princess of Wales, ephemeral print collection.  2 linear feet.

This collection contains illustrated magazines and paperback books about Diana, Princess of Wales.  It was assembled by Elizabeth Janes Peterson and her daughter Julia Catherine Peterson both before and after the death of Princess Diana.  Elizabeth Peterson donated this collection to the University Archives in December 2009. 

While some of these publications are widely held, some of the special commemorative pieces, especially those published in Great Britain, are likely relatively scarce.

Box 1

Burrell, P. (2004).  A royal duty.  New York, New York:  New American Library.  (paperback)

Clarke, M.  (1996).  Little girl lost, the troubled childhood of Princess Diana by the woman who raised her.  New York, New York:  Birch Lane Press.  (hardcover)

The Daily Telegraph  (1997).  Diana remembered 1961-1997.  London, England:  MacMillan Publishers, Ltd.  (hardcover)

Doeser, L.  (1991).  The making of a queen.  London, England:  Brian Todd Publishing House, Ltd.

Donnelly, P.  (1997).  Diana, a tribute to the people and princess.  Philadephia, Pennsylvania:  Courage Books. (hardcover)

Edwards, A.  (1999).  Ever after, Diana and the life she led.  New York, New York:  St. Martin’s Press.  (paperback)

Morton, A.  (1990).  Diana’s diary an intimate portrait of the Princess of Wales.  Toronto, Canada:  Doubleday Canada, Ltd.  (softcover)

O’Mara, M. (1997).  Diana Princess of Wales, a tribute in photographs.  New York, New York:  St. Martin’s Press.  (hardcover – photographs)

Lague, L. & Smith, T.  (1992, November 30).  It's over.  People Weekly, 38(22), 42-47.

Green, M. & Smith, T.  (1993, March 8).  Fergie:  the ugly truth.  People Weekly, 39(9), 70-72.

Green, M., Smith, T., & Wright, M.  (1993, April 12).  Diana on her own.  People Weekly, 39(14), 72-80.

Green, M., Smith, T., & Wright, M.  (1994, June 13).  Diana’s daring new life.  People Weekly, 41(22).  74-80.

Green, M. & Smith, T.  (1994, October 17).  Diss and tell.  People Weekly, 42(16), 38-45.

Green, M. & Wright, M.  (1994, October 31).  He never loved her.  People Weekly, 42(18), 46-56.

Green, M., Smith, T., & Wright, M.  (1995, December 4).  True confessions.  People Weekly, 44(23), 92-98.

Green, M., Denworth, L., Smith, T., & Wright, M.  (1996, March 11).  Prince-less diana. People Weekly, 45(10), 76-82.

Underhill, W. & Hall, C.  (1996, March 11).  Diana’s battle royal.  Newsweek,  11, 20-39.

The Diana years, from her dazzling debut to the divorce and beyond.  (1996, Spring). People Weekly Extra Special Photo Issue.  Waterloo, Wisconsin:  Perry Printing.

Hubbard, K., Biddle, N., Perry, S., et al.  (1997, August 25).  Howdy, Dodi!  People Weekly, 48(8), 48-55.

Green, M., Hewitt, B., Hubbard, K., et al.   (1997, September 15)  Remembering Diana.


People Weekly, 48(11), 56-68.

The New Yorker.  (1997, September 15).  New York, New York:  The New Yorker Magazine, Inc. (seven articles about Princess Diana)

Time Commemorative Issue.  (1997, September 15).  Time, 150(11), 30-77.  (five articles about Princess Diana)

Diana, princess smiles down from heaven on her brave boys.  (1997, September 23).  Globe, 44(37).  (majority of issue devoted to articles about and photographs of Diana)

Goodbye England’s rose, special memorial issue.  (1997, September 23).  Star, 24(38).  (majority of issue devoted to articles about and photographs of Diana)

In deep water.  (1997, September).  Majesty, the Quality Royal Magazine, 18(9), 17-20.

Morton, A.  (1997, October 13).  The Diana interviews:  Diana on Diana.  People Weekly, 48(15), 96-110.

Morton, A.  (1997, October 20).  Part 2, the Diana interviews:  The Diana tapes.  People Weekly, 48(16), 102-108.

Diana a celebration of her life.  (1997, November 3).  Newsweek Commemorative Issue, New York, New York:  Newsweek, Inc.

Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997.  (1997, Fall).  People Weekly Tribute Special Collector’s Issue.  Waterloo, Wisconsin:  Perry Graphic Communications.

A tribute to Princess Diana.  (1997).  Biograph Presents, 1(7).  New York, New York:  Biograph Communications, Inc. 

A tribute to Princess Diana, in our hearts forever.  (1997).  Gold Collectors Series Magazine.  Northbrook, Illinois:  H&S Media Inc.

Diana, a final farewell.  (1997).  Hit Sensations, Red Bank, New Jersey:  Fanzine International, Inc.

Diana, a royal tribute.  (1997).  National Publishers Services, USA:  National Publisher Services, Inc.

Diana her life her loves her work.  Diana 1961-1997.  (1997).  Diana, Specially imported British edition.  London, England:  Dennis Oneshots Export Ltd.

Diana the people’s princess, her royal life in pictures. (1997).  Exeter, England:  LCD Publishing, Ltd.

LFP presents a tribute to Diana Princess of Wales.  (1997).  Diana Princess of Wales Special Collector’s Edition, 2(2).  Beverly Hills, California:  LFP Inc.

Princess Diana her life in words and pictures.  (1997).  TV Guide.  Radnor, Pennsylvania:  New America Publications, Inc.

O’Neill, A., Hubbard, K., Perry, S., et al.  (1998, August 31).  A lesson in loss.  People Weekly, 50(7), 48-58.

Smith, S.  (1999, August 23).  Diana’s last loves.  People Weekly, 52(7), 110-120.

Rees-Jones, T.  (2000, March 27).  Diary of a tragedy.  People Weekly, 53(12), 42-54.


Box 2

Delano, J.  (1993).  Diana Princess of  Wales.  New York, New York:  Smithmark Publishers, Inc.  (hardcover with photographs)


Fincher, J. & T.  (1989).  Debrett’s illustrated fashion guide, the Princess of Wales.  Devon, England:  Webb & Bower, Ltd.  (softcover – photographs)


Diana tribute.  (1997, September 6).  The Mirror.  (includes funeral route, majority of issue devoted to articles about and photographs of Diana)

Goodnight, God bless.  (1997, September 6).  South Wales Evening Post.  (38,613).  (majority of issue devoted to articles about and photographs of Diana)

In sympathy and sorrow.  (1997, September 12).  OK! Commemorative Issue, 76.

The world follows Prince William and his family on their farewell journey for Diana.  (1997, September 13).  Hello!, (475).

Collection processed and arranged by Intern Dana Wallace; Web version of finding aid created by University Archivist, February 2010.


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