Alumni Who Earned Advanced Degrees, 1880-1963

Archival record series: 08/04/14

Alumni Who Earned Advanced Degrees, 1880-1963. .5 linear feet

This series is a collection of Alumni Association reports on UNI alumni who earned advanced academic degrees from 1880 through about 1963; alumni engaged in particular occupations; and alumni sorted by county of residence.  In one group of reports, alumni are divided into categories depending on the advanced degrees that they earned, including Ph. D, M. D., D. D. S., D. V. M., D. D.,and J. D.  There are also files sorted by occupations, including guidance counselors, school superintendents, coaches, researchers, and collegiate faculty and staff.  There is a file of men with master's degrees.  Finally, there is a file of alumni arranged by Iowa county of residence.  There is biographical information about most of the alumni in these files, including graduating class, occupation, academic degrees, address, and spouse.

The reason for the creation of these files is uncertain.  However, some of them may have been created to show that UNI alumni achieved distincition in many professional fields.

This material had been stored in the basement of Gilchrist Hall.  In preparation for the repair of Gilchrist Hall following the fire in October 2005, the Alumni Association sent this material to the University Archives in June 2006.

Container Inventory

Box 1

  • Alumni with doctorates, 1880-1963
  • Alumni with doctorates, who earned a master's degree at UNI
  • Alumni who earned the M. D. or D. D. S. degree
  • Alumni who earned the D. V. M. degree
  • Alumni who earned the D. D. or other degrees in theology
  • Alumni who earned law degrees
  • Alumni who were appointed to federal bureaus or state agencies
  • Alumni who are researchers or writers
  • Alumni who are elementary guidance counselors
  • Alumni who are in college positions
  • Alumni who are school superintendents outside of Iowa
  • Alumni who are special teachers
  • Alumni who are coaches
  • Alumni men who have master's degrees
  • Alumni arranged by Iowa county

Papers processed and finding aid prepared by Gerald L. Peterson, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist, July 2006; last modified, June 18, 2013 (GP).

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