Audiovisual Material in the University Archives

The University of Northern Iowa Archives contains a large amount of audiovisual material.  Most of that material is associated with particular record series and collections.  For example, if a videocassette arrives in the University Archives in a collection of a faculty member's papers, that videocassette stays with that collection.  Or if an audiocassette arrives as part of a student organization's records, that audiocassette remains with those records.

However, fairly frequently, a videocassette or an audiocassette arrives independent of associated papers or records.  To provide access to that material, the University Archives has established several series of independent audiovisual pieces.  The series are organized first by format, and, within format, in chronological order.




CDs and DVDs




Phonographic Discs


Motion Picture Film


Audiotape, reel-to-reel

Page created by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, November 2010; last updated August 26, 2014 (GP).

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