Baby Care Pamphlets, 1951-1961

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Baby Care Pamphlets, 1951-1961

This small collection of pamphlets, clippings, and publications offers advice to new mothers on the care of a baby. Most of the material comes from companies that produce food, equipment, and other products and services for babies and their mothers. The publications offer recommendations on proper nutrition, clothing, and other aspects of care for mothers and babies.

Box 1

  • American Medical Association Committee on Toxicology
    Danger lurks unless you prevent accidental poisonings. American Medical Association Committee on Toxicology
  • The Babee-Tenda Corporation
    Babee Tenda safety products. The Babee-Tenda Corp. 1960
  • Burlington Basket Company
    Genuine Hawkeye Baskenette. Burlington Basket Co.
  • Carnation Company
    You and your contented baby. Carnation Company. 1956.
  • The Duffy Mott Company, Inc
    Letter from the Duffy-Mott Company Inc., pamphlet for Clapp's baby food and brochure entitled "Beauty is for mothers, too". The Duffy Mott Co., Inc. 1961.
  • Gerber Products Company
    • How does your baby grow? Gerber Products Company.
    • "When do baby's taste buds wake up?", "Cereal story", and coupons. Gerber Products Company.
    • Baby's book. Gerber Products Company. 1959.
    • Recipes for toddlers. Gerber Products Company. 1959.
    • Foods for baby and mealtime psychology. Gerber Products Company. 1959.
  • John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company
    • From six to twelve. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. 1956.
    • What to eat and why. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. 1959
  • The Kendall Company
    • Curity waterproof lap pads. The Kendall Company. 1960.
    • Curity presents "A layette list for baby". The Kendall Company. 1960.
  • Lane Bryant
    • "Stork facts" pamphlets order form. Lane Bryant
    • Stork facts. Maternity Center Association courtesy of Lane Bryant. 1960.
    • For mothers-to-be. Lane Bryant.
  • Maternity Center Association
    Baby makes 3. Maternity Center Association. January 1960.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
    Understanding your young child…. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 1951.
  • National Dairy Council
    • Feeding little folks. National Dairy Council. 1952.
    • For parents-to-be… how food helps mother and baby. National Dairy Council. 1959
    • Feeding your baby at your breast. National Dairy Council. 1959.
    • When your baby is bottle fed. National Dairy Council. 1959.
    • Feeding your baby during his first year. National Dairy Council. 1959.
  • Procter & Gamble
    Dear mother…. Procter & Gamble.
  • The Pyramid Rubber Company
    Modern methods for preparing baby's formula. The Pyramid Rubber Company. 1960.
  • Sears, Roebuck and Company
    The easy way to wash and iron your clothes. Sears, Roebuck and Co., and Simpsons-Sears Limited.
  • This Week magazine articles
    • Facts about furry playmates for baby. This Week magazine. February 26, 1961.
    • Does scolding help baby "be good"? This Week magazine.
  • Ward Green Company
    "12 personal questions: planned birth spacing known to medical science"; "10 issues of Parents' Magazine";and "Back to normal instantly". Ward Green Company.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Free choice menu plan.
    • Your child, your doctor, and you. C. A. Hanson, M. D. and R. C. Mitchell, M. D.
    • Your pregnancy. Richard L. Miller, M. D.

List of publications inventoried by Student Assistant Shanna Taylor and Library Assistant Gail Briddle; finding aid prepared by Gerald L. Peterson, University Archivist, August 2005.

Last modified: August 25, 2005 (GP)

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