Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Files

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Center for the Enhancement of Teaching, files, 1991-2002, 12 linear feet.

Brief History

In accordance with a recommendation for the University Faculty Senate, Vice President and Provost Nancy Marlin created the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching. G. Roger Sell was hired as Director of the Center. He began work in January 1993. After his arrival, Professor Sell conducted a needs assessment for the Center. He then developed a program of services to meet the needs of faculty who wished to improve and expand their teaching capabilities. The services included seminars, surveys, broad studies of problem areas, guest appearances by notable teachers, short papers on a variety of topics, and studies on many issues involving teaching and learning. The services focused on assisting new faculty, strengthening the Humanities sequence and the Capstone course, and developing faculty teaching capabilities. The Center ended operations when Professor Sell took a position at Southwest Missouri State University in 2002.


These files offer a very good picture of the programs and services offered by the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching. The files include Professor Sell's short papers in the improvement of teaching, documentation of the many programs that the Center offered, and strong collections relating to the Qualities of an Educated Person project and Student Outcomes Assessment.

After the Center closed in 2002, the office files were stored on shelves and in cabinets in the Center office, Room 441 of the Rod Library. In the wake of the Gilchrist Hall fire, other campus offices moved into that space on a temporary basis. When those offices needed the shelf space occupied by the Center files, those files came to the University Archives.

Container Inventory

Box 1

  • Professional portfolio of Roger Sell
  • Course material for "Learning to Learn", taught by Professor Sell
  • Course material for "Teaching in College", taught by Professor Sell
  • Professional and Organizational Development meeting, 1998
  • Chilean educators project, 1999
  • Material relating to the enhancement of teaching at other colleges and universities: likely assembled to assist in developing the UNI center
  • Dialogues on Learning and Teaching, CET newsletter
  • CET advisory committee
  • CET discussion group, 1993
  • CET activities and programs, 1993
  • CET reports and plans, 1994
  • CET progress reports and vision, 1994
  • CET accomplishments and plans, 1994-1995
  • Board of Regents presentation, February 15, 1995
  • CET assessment report, 1999
  • CET brief history, 1999
  • CET--NCA self-study, 2000
  • CET task documentation, 2001
  • CET report to Faculty Senate, 2001
  • CET planning, spring 2001
  • CET report to Faculty Senate, 2002
  • Strategic activities of CET to support UNI, 2002
  • CET planning, 2002
  • "A center for the scholarship of learning and teaching at UNI" (Sell), 2001
  • Fifty-Seven Fund--Class of 1957 fund for faculty support
  • FIPSE grant application, 1994
  • Meetings with deans and academic department heads
  • Renaissance Group meeting at UNI, 1996
  • John Gardner campus visit--UNI First Year Experience, 2000
  • Social Diversity Week, 1993
  • Wilbert McKeachie campus visit, 1993
  • Parker Palmer campus visit, 2000
  • Mid- and late career seminars, 2001
  • Teaching for Effective Learning, professional development day, 1994
  • Teaching at a Distance seminar, 1995

Box 2

  • Seminar series for new faculty, 1994
  • FAQ for new faculty, 1994
  • New faculty handbook
  • New faculty orientation, 1995-2001
  • New faculty orientation follow-up study, 2000
  • New faculty seminar--Improving your course design, 2000
  • New faculty retention
  • First year experience of pre-tenure faculty at UNI, 2000
  • Writing across the disciplines, 1995
  • International Education Week, 2000
  • Instructional development seminars, 2001
  • Capstone workshops and syllabi, 2001
  • Humanities Institutes, 2000, 2001
  • Humanities Institutes and Capstone workshops appraisal, 2002
  • Campus of Difference workshop, 2001
  • Strengthening undergraduate education at UNI, 1998
  • Building a university-wide center for teaching and learning, 1993
  • Building a Learning-Centered Environment, 1996
  • Faculty mentoring program

Box 3

  • Future of Learning and Teaching at UNI, 1995
  • Teaching and Student Learning, professional development day, 1995
  • Issues for administrator evaluation from a development perspective (Sell), 1999
  • Notes on student advising (Sell), 2001
  • Why change is necessary to enhance the quality of the university ()Sell), 1999
  • Some selected contributions of the research literature on colleges and universities as complex social organizations (Sell), 1999
  • Use of computers in education (Sell), 1988
  • What makes a good conversation? (Sell), 1999
  • Student conversation group for College of Business Administration core curriculum (Sell), 1999
  • Course syllabus (Sell), 1993
  • Curriculum reform (Sell), 2000
  • Disciplined inquiry, scholarship, and writing (Sell), 1995
  • A new conception of scholarship (Sell), 1995
  • Strategy for valuing and enhancing diversity at UNI (Sell), 1997
  • Framework for relating individual differences and social diversity (Sell), 1999
  • Diversity in the classroom (Sell), 1994
  • Education and change (Sell), 1998
  • Establishing a university-school partnership (Sell), 1994
  • Experiential learning (Sell), 1999
  • Faculty computer needs (Sell), 1993
  • Faculty development notes
  • Faculty portfolio work group--Curriculum and Instruction, 1997
  • Faculty retention
  • Fine tuning the in-class interview (Sell), 1997
  • Current national trends in enhancing the first year experience, 2000
  • First year experience--UNI learning communities, 2001
  • Getting started in teac hing (Sell), 1993
  • Global and futures perspectives (Sell), 1997
  • Grading and testing (Sell), 1993
  • Holistic philosophy for undergraduate education (Sell), 1996
  • Why emphasize integrative learning? (Sell), 1999
  • Interpretative guide to research on technology-based learning (Sell), 1999
  • Teaching large classes
  • Leadership for good conversation in an academic community (Sell), 1999
  • Learning, teaching, advising, and critical priorities (Sell), 1995
  • Learning with vision (Sell), 1999
  • Organizational development in the context of instructional improvement (Sell), 1992
  • An approach to quality assurance for undergraduate teaching (Sell), 1991
  • Quality of university graduate programs on the ICN, 1995
  • Relationships between teaching and research, 1995
  • Renewing ourselves as teachers seminar, 2000
  • Role of grade inflation in a quality education, 1994
  • SGID, the classroom interview (Sell), 2001
  • Conditions for effective strategic planning in higher education (Sell), 2000
  • Student and faculty expectations, 2000
  • Teaching for effective learning, 1994
  • Challenges in using technology for the improvement of undergraduate education (Sell), 1997
  • Some tips on testing and grading (Sell), 1997
  • Presentation on UNI at Bio-Bio workshop
  • Using technology and distance education to improve postsecondary education (Sell), 1996
  • Using UNI survey data to inform decisions
  • General Education Committee files, 1993-1995

Box 4

  • General Education Committee files, 1993-1995, continued
  • Qualities of an Education Person project files
  • UNI alumni survey, 1999
  • Cluster Course data

Box 5

  • Cluster Course data, continued
  • Professional Development Task Force files, 2000
  • Ad hoc Committee on Quality in the Curriculum files, 1995
  • UNI Strategic Planning Committee files, 1995
  • "Learning with Vision": proposed signature program for UNI strategic plan, 1999
  • Strategic planning--Regents universities priorities, 1995-2000
  • Student Outcomes Assessment Committee files, 1995-1997

Box 6

  • Student Outcomes Assessment Committee files, 1995-1997, continued

Box 7

  • Social Justice, by Parker Palmer (VHS videotape)
  • Honor thy Teacher, by Parker Palmer, September 20, 2000 (VHS videotape)
  • Classroom assessment techniques, January 8, 1996 (4 VHS videotapes)
  • Reflection workshop, Edward Zlotkowski, UNI, November 5, 1998 (VHS videotape)
  • Service-Learning workshop, Edward Zlotkowski, UNI, November 5, 1998 (VHS videotape)
  • Faculty orientation, August 19, 1993 (VHS videotape)

Material processed and finding aid prepared by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson in May 2009; last modified, December 1, 2014 (GP).

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