Central District Association for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Papers

Manuscript Record Series: MsC-34

Central District Association for the American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Papers. 30 linear feet.




Association Archivist Ruth Johnson collected most of these papers during the 1990s from association officers and members. She brought them in batches to Rod Library Special Collections and arranged them there. Most material is aranged chronogically within categories. Some papers remain to be processed or integrated into the collection described below.

Box 1

Archives Committee history, 1962-1987; History of Central District for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, by Mabel Lee, 1967; History of Middle West Society of Physical Education, by Mabel Lee, 1963.

Box 2

Archivist's letters, early to 1985; History of Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, 1921-1981; History of Kansas Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, 1950-1978, by McKinney.

Box 3

Photographs of past presidents and other photographs, honors, and recognitions

Box 4

Leadership rosters and necrology, through 1996 (information for 1997-present in Box 42 not described below); convention programs, 1934-1971, 1991-1996

Box 5

1933-1934 St. Paul convention, C. H. McCloy; 1933-1938 Mabel Lee records

Box 6

1934-1939 convention annual reports

Box 7

1938-1941 convention annual reports

Box 8

1941-1947 convention annual reports

Box 9

1947-1951 convention annual reports

Box 10

1951-1953 convention annual reports

Box 11

1952-1954 miscellaneous committee reports

Box 12

1953-1954 miscellaneous committee reports.

Box 13

1953-1954, 1954-1955 annual convention reports.

Box 14

Honor awards, 1950-1960; Len Marti, papers, 1953-1954; Ebel papers, 1957-1958

Box 15

Convention proceedings, 1954-1962 (1958 missing)

Box 16

President's correspondence, 1951-1963 (with gaps)

Box 17

1960-1967 miscellaneous papers

Box 18

1963-1969 miscellaneous papers

Box 19

1966-1970 miscellaneous papers.

Box 20

1971-1972 miscellaneous papers

Box 21

President's correspondence, 1964-1971

Box 22

John Van Why, papers, 1965-1970

Box 23

1968-1979 miscellaneous papers

Box 24

1951-1970 convention exhibits and miscellaneous papers

Box 25

1951-1970 Nominating Committee, Physical Education Division minutes; recognition and recreation division

Box 26

1951-1974 Sites, Structure and Function, State Associations, and Student Section papers; Representative Assembly reports

Box 27

1950-1974 Minorities, Finance, Grants, and Health papers (see also Jeanette Rogers Papers in University of Northern Iowa Archives, record series 13/06/20)

Box 28

1950-1974 convention manager, constitution, minutes and executive committee

Box 29

1971-1972 reports by year

Box 30

1979-1980 Pax Ricketts papers

Box 31

1980-1982 reports by year

Box 32

1982-1983 reports by year

Box 33

1983-1984 reports by year

Papers collected and processed by Association Archivist Ruth Johnson; Web coding of finding aid by Gerald L. Peterson, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist, November 2001

Last modified: November 1, 2001 (GP)

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