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James Cole Skaine. Papers, 1960-1998. 18 linear feet.


James Cole Skaine

James Cole Skaine received his Bachelor of Arts degree in speech from Sioux Falls College in 1957. He received his Master of Arts degree in speech from the University of South Dakota in 1958. He then pursued Ph.D. work at Cornell University (1958-1966) and the University of Iowa (1968-1978).

James Skaine was a graduate assistant at the University of South Dakota (1957-1958) and Cornell University (1958-1960). He taught junior high school English and mathematics in Freeville, New York, in the spring of 1960. He served as an instructor and Director of Forensics at Ithaca College from 1960 through 1963, and then served in a similar capacity at Middle Tennessee State College from 1963 through 1965. James Skaine was appointed to the faculty of the University of Northern Iowa as an assistant professor of speech in the fall of 1965. He retired from the UNI faculty in the spring of 1998.

Professor Skaine taught courses relating to speech, rhetoric, debate, group processes, communication, and voice and diction. He was involved in curricular matters in those areas and was also an important participant in the collective bargaining process for University of Northern Iowa faculty.


Professor Skaine sent a large collection of papers to the University of Northern Iowa Archives shortly after his retirement. These papers consisted of

  • memoranda, minutes, and correspondence relating to his academic department (initially the Department of Speech, later named the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, and finally named the Department of Communication Studies);
  • examinations, notes, handouts, and other material relating to the courses that Professor Skaine either took himself or taught;
  • and records relating to faculty evaluation, tenure, and promotion.

There is also a significant amount of material relating to collective bargaining for University of Northern Iowa faculty in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The material relating to Professor Skaine's academic department provides an exceptionally thorough look at the department's day-to-day operations from 1966 through 1998. Likewise, files relating to the courses that Professor Skaine taught give an excellent picture of both the subject matter and pedagogical techniques of a faculty member in speech during the last third of the twentieth century.

When this collection arrived in the University Archives, it was arranged by subject in alphabetical order. With a few changes to improve clarity and consistency, the processor kept this arrangement. Researchers should be aware that material on similar subjects may be located in several locations within the collection. For example, researchers interested in Professor Skaine's work in Tennessee may wish to look at material under Tennessee, Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee State College, and specific courses that he taught while teaching there.

Most of this collection is open for research use. However, access to material relating to faculty and student evaluation is restricted.

Container Inventory

Box 1

  • Vita and other biographical information relating to James Cole Skaine
  • Articles by James Skaine
  • Advanced Discussion course material
  • Advisor information--Speech Department
  • Affirmative action question
  • Ahmed Iqbal
  • Ameican Civil Liberties Union--Northeast Iowa chapter
  • American Federation of Teachers--Grievance Committee, 1970-1975
  • American Public Address course material
  • Ancient oratory
  • Argumentation course material
  • Argumentation and Debate course material
  • Argumentation, Discussion, and Debate course material
  • Attention and interest
  • Black Rhetoric course proposal
  • Black situation at UNI
  • British and American Rhetoric course material
  • British and Continental Address course material
  • British Orators course material
  • Business and Professional Oral Communication course material
  • Butler, John--evaluation
  • Campus issues--faculty-student dialogue
  • Campus mail use controversy, 1975
  • Chekhov's The Boor, 1970
  • Class material--general
  • Classical Rhetoric course material
  • Collective bargaining

Box 2

  • College of Humanities and Fine Arts, memos, committee minutes, and other distributions, 1968-1978
  • College of Humanities and Fine Arts, dean selection, 1968, 1970
  • Colonial Public Address course material
  • Comic Detachment and Religious Taboos, essay by James Skaine
  • Committee on Academic Freedom, American Association of University Professors, 1969
  • Committee on Faculty Ethics and Responsibility, 1972, 1974
  • Committee on Organization of Colege of Humanities and Fine Arts, 1969
  • Committee on Speaking Competency, 1976
  • Communication and Theatre Arts Department, 1982-1992
  • Communication Arts Center dedication, 1978
  • Communication Department proposal
  • Communication Division, Course Rotation Committee
  • Communication Division, 1992-1998
  • Communication faculty, 1983-1984
  • Communication in Organizations course proposal
  • Communication Studies, 1978-1979
  • Communication Studies Department, 1992-1993

Box 3

  • Communication Studies Department, 1993-1998
  • Communication Studies Department head search, 1993-1994
  • Communication Studies Department head search, 1995
  • Communication Studies Department, Strategic Planning Committee, 1993-1995
  • Communication Studies News, 1997
  • Communication Theories course proposal
  • Comprehensive examination questions
  • Comprehensive examination, James Skaine, 1963
  • Contemporary American Public Address course material
  • Contemporary Rhetoric course material
  • Correspondence, 1963-1976

Box 4

  • Correspondence, 1977-1984
  • Correspondence--business
  • Curricular process report to Faculty Senate, 1980
  • Curriculum--speech, 1977
  • Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Debate course material
  • Debate brief--Democratic majority increase
  • Debate brief--fraternities and sororities
  • Debate brief--Henry Parker, March 13, 1967
  • Debate course outline
  • Debate propositions, 1963-1964
  • Debate team publicity, 1969-1970
  • Debate topics, 1965-1966 (enforcement)
  • Debate topics, 1969-1970 (revenue sharing)
  • Debate tournament--Brindley, 1966
  • Debate tournament--Sioux Falls, 1957
  • Decertification of United Faculty as bargaining agent, election, 1978
  • Democratic Party, 1970-1971
  • Discussion course material
  • Dramatic Theory course material
  • Education for Survival conference, 1973
  • Enrollment--Communication Studies
  • Exercise on pronunciation
  • Faculty discipline procedures
  • Faculty salaries, 1977
  • Famous speeches
  • Forensics information--general
  • Fundamentals of Speech course material

Box 5

  • Fundamentals of Speech course material
  • General Education
  • Graduate student policies
  • Grassley survey, 1970
  • Group Processes course material
  • Hall, Jon
  • Head search committee, Speech Department, 1973
  • Hesh, hes, hem non-sexist pronoun substitutions
  • Hoffmans, Edward
  • Human Communications course material
  • Humanities Committee, 1973
  • Impromptu topics
  • Indo-China
  • Instructor evaluations, James Skaine, 1964-1979

Box 6

  • Introduction to Rhetorical Theory course material
  • Iowa Communication Association
  • Iowa Council of Teachers of Speech
  • Iowa Higher Education Association, 1971-1976, 1979
  • Iowa Public Interest Research Group
  • Koob, Robert D.
  • League of Women Voters of Iowa
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letters to the editor--James Skaine
  • Lubker, James
  • Lyceum, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, spring 1976
  • Managerial elite
  • Manson and the Beatles
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Action Committee, 1968-1971
  • Medieval and Renaissance Rhetoric course material
  • Middle Tennessee State College speech program
  • Modern American Drama and Theatre course material
  • Modern Rhetoric course material
  • Moratorium, Viet Nam
  • Morgan, David
  • Ralph Nader speech at UNI
  • New York State Speech Association
  • Non-discrimination policy, 1969
  • Oral Communication course material
  • Oral communication staff, 1995
  • Palczewski, Catherine
  • Papers by James Skaine
  • Pendergraft, Daryl--memoranda
  • Persuasion course material
  • Persuasive campaigns and controversy
  • Poetry
  • Poetry by James Skaine

Box 7

  • Principles of Discussion course material
  • Probation and tenure, James Skaine

Box 8

  • Professional Assessment Committee, 1975-1998
  • Profile of Iowa students, Kathy Burns
  • Public Address faculty, memoranda, 1968-1982

Box 9

  • Public Address course material
  • Public Address in Historical Perspective course material
  • Public Speaking course material
  • Recent American Public Addresses course material
  • Rhetoric and Logic course material
  • Rhetoric of War, essay by James Skaine
  • Rhetorical Criticism course material
  • Rhetorical Theory course material
  • Rubin, Jerry speech at UNI
  • Rutherford County, Tennessee, Republican Party politics
  • Sample audience surveys
  • Secular theology
  • Sensivity training
  • Sermon outlines

Box 10

  • Shift of opinion ballot
  • Skaine discrimination matter, 1978
  • Skaine grievance, 1977
  • Skaine newspaper articles and letters
  • Skaine personnel file, July 1979
  • Skaine Ph.D. work
  • Skaine promotion requests
  • Skaine salary grievance, 1981
  • Speaking Publicly in the American Context, chapters from proposed text by Clinton Nelson and James Skaine
  • Speech Committee (Fundamentals), 1966-1967
  • Speech Communication for Business Students course proposal
  • Speech competence
  • Speech criticism
  • Speech Department, Middle Tennessee State College, 1963-1965
  • Speech Department, 1965-1976

Box 11

  • Speech Department, 1976-1981
  • Speech Department, curricular matters, 1977-1979
  • Speech Department, faculty evaluation procedures, 1975
  • Speech Department, Master Plan Committee, 1979
  • Speech Department, program review, 1979
  • Speech Department, promotion procedures
  • Speech for the Classroom Teacher course material
  • Speech Pathology course material
  • Speech staff directories
  • Staffing and curriculum; program area definition
  • Student politics
  • Summer scheduling of speech faculty
  • Summer session
  • Tennessee
  • Tenure and promotion evaluations, 1974-1975
  • Tenure matters, Professor David Crownfield and Provost James Martin
  • Tenure report, Middle Tennessee State College, 1964
  • Textbook chapter drafts
  • Textbook Subcommittee
  • Theatre faculty notes and minutes, 1973-1976
  • Thesis on Alexander Stephens's speeches, by James Skaine

Box 12

  • Thesis material
  • Tory spokesmen
  • United Faculty, 1975-1983
  • United Faculty, arbitration decisions
  • United Faculty, Academic Freedom and Professional Rights Committee, 1980-1981
  • United Faculty, contract negotiations, 1981-1983
  • United Faculty, grievance procedures
  • United Faculty, meet and confer sessions, 1979-1980
  • University Forum
  • University of Northern Iowa curricular analysis, 1978
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Urban Ministry
  • Vice President and Provost memoranda
  • Voice and Diction course material

Papers processed and finding aid prepared by Gerald L. Peterson, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist, July 2007.

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