John Leonard Eiklor, Papers


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John Leonard Eiklor (1927-1992 ). Papers, (1935-1991 ). 4.5 linear feet.


John Leonard Eiklor was born in Chicago in 1927 and grew up in New York City.  He served in the United States Navy during World War II.  He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Wichita in 1951.  He received his master's degree and his doctorate from Northwestern University in 1953 and 1963, respectively.  He taught overseas for many years and joined the history faculty of the State College of Iowa, now the University of Northern Iowa, in 1963.  Professor Eiklor distinguished himself as a professor of history and the humanities.  He won local and state awards for his teaching.  He died in 1992.


Professor Eiklor's papers consist primarily of material associated with preparing and delivering instruction in history and the humanities.  Theh papers include lecture notes, book and article summaries, cultural heritage illustrations, and newsclippings.  There is also a small amount of material relating to his personal life. 

In the summer of 2009, Professor Eiklor's daughter Lisa asked if the University Archives would be interested in adding some of her father's papers to its collections.  University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson picked up the material that resulted in the contents of Boxes 1, 2, and most of 3 in July 2009.  The Archives received the remainder of the contents of Box 3 in 2010. 

Some of the material was loose when it arrived in the Archives; some was organized into broad subject categories.  The processor of the material followed the broad subject heading pattern in putting the whole collection together.  Material in each folder might include a wide range of information and information formats, such as essays by Professor Eiklor, newsclippings, photographs, lecture notes, and correspondence.  Researchers should be ready to consult a number of folders in order to be sure that they have seen all relevant information.  The greatest value of this collection is that it provides a glimpse of a master teacher, who had a passion for studying and teaching all facets and all eras of Western cultural heritage. 

One notable Eiklor correspondent is Peter C. Hoffmann, who was a member of the UNI history faculty from 1965 through 1971, and then went on to McGill University.  Professor Hoffman is probably the foremost expert on the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Adolf Hitler.  There is a small number of letters from Professor Hoffman to Professor Eiklor in this collection.

Container Inventory

 Box 1

  • Biographical information
  • Academic records, including school report
  • Academic appointments and salaries
  • American Foreign Relations lecture notes
  • Book and article synopses
  • Bavaria, the Landtag, and the War of 1866 (Eiklor dissertation)
  • Cultural theory in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (Eiklor essay)
  • American Political Theory
  • Ancient Near East
  • Archeology--Iowa
  • Art, Ancient
  • Art lecture for Man and Materials course, 1966
  • Atheism
  • Battered women conference essays, including work by Professor Eiklor and his UNI colleagues, Professors Fred Hallberg and Lora Lee Rackstraw
  • Black Power
  • Camus, Albert
  • Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Central Europe
  • Chicago cultural trips
  • Civil rights march, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1964
  • Controversial speakers
  • Crete and the Minoans
  • Chung, Roy
  • Dante
  • Diplomatic history of Europe, 19th century, Eiklor class notes
  • Ecology
  • European History, class notes
  • German Jews, 1750-1814 (Eikor essay), 1954
  • Germany
  • Gross, H. R.
  • History of Political Theory lectures
  • Hoffman, Peter C.
  • Humanities I, syllabus, 1982
  • Humanities II, examinations
  • Humanities II, correspondence course syllabus
  • Humanities course preparation notes and articles
  • Humanities telecourse syllabus
  • Humanities images

Box 2

  • Inventories of books
  • Kensington runestone
  • Koloc, Bonnie
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Lechay portrait of UNI President James Maucker
  • Life and philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (Eiklor essay)
  • Malta
  • Marx and Lenin lecture
  • Mexico
  • Minneapolis cultural trip
  • NDEA Institute--Germany
  • NEH seminar, summer 1974
  • NEH seminar, summer 1977--Ancient Egypt, Hans Goedicke
  • Origins of mankind, 68:21
  • Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
  • Professional Development Leave, 1972
  • Recent Political Theory
  • Renaissance, Italian
  • Review in "Erasmus"
  • St. Louis cultural trips
  • Schweitzer, Albert
  • Speeches
  • Stonehenge
  • Summer workshop proposal--Renaissance Arts and Ideas
  • Vikings
  • Wiesenfeld, Julius--mathematics lecture
  • Parnasus--University of Wichita yearbooks, 1947, 1948 (two copies), 1949, and 1950

Box 3

  • Videotapes and photographic slides relating to Professor Eiklor's history and humanities classes
  • Photographic slides of Professor Eiklor and his family

Papers processed and finding aid prepared by University Archivist Gerald Peterson, August 2009; last updated November 19, 2010.

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