Lloyd V. Douglas Papers

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Lloyd V. Douglas, (1902-1978). Papers, (1923-1978). 3.5 linear feet.


Lloyd Virgil Douglas was born in Brandon, Iowa, on August 4, 1902.  He graduated from LaPorte City (Iowa) High School in 1919.  He received a B. S. C. with a major in commerce and a minor in political science from the University of Iowa in 1923.  He received an M. A. from the University of Iowa with a major in commerce and a minor in education in 1926.  He received a Ph. D. from the University of Iowa with a major in commerce and minors in education and psychology in 1936.

Professor Douglas was head of the high school Commercial Department in Jefferson, Iowa, from 1923 through 1925.  He was superintendent of schools in Beaver, Iowa, from 1925 through 1929.  He was superintendent of schools in Stratford, Iowa, from 1929 through 1930.  He was head of the Commercial Department of the high school and junior college in Burlington, Iowa, from 1930 through 1934.  He was head of the Department of Business Education at New Mexico Normal University at Las Vegas, New Mexico, from 1934 through 1937.

Professor Douglas became head of the Department of Business Education at the Iowa State Teachers College (now UNI) in 1937, and with the exception of war service from 1942 through 1944, served in that capacity until his retirement in 1970.

Professor Douglas published many articles and several books.  He received many honors and awards including the John Robert Gregg award in 1960.

Professor Douglas married Grace Waddell August 25, 1925.  She died December 14, 1972.  He married Virginia Marston August 4, 1973.  Professor Douglas had no children.

Professor Douglas died on July 12, 1978.


These papers give a good picture of Professor Douglas's professional career.  They include material relating to his education at the University of Iowa, his early public school work, and especially his career at UNI.  The collection includes many of his publications as well as material relating to his work in professional organizations.

Dwight Marston, brother of Professor Douglas's second wife Virginia Marston Douglas, arranged for the donation of these papers in October 2000, after Mrs. Douglas entered a nursing home.


Container Inventory

Box 1

  • Biographical information
  • public school work
  • documents relating to graduate study at the University of Iowa
  • course notes from an advanced accounting course
  • "An experimental development of techniques and materials for the teaching of certain general business objectives in a course in non-vocational bookkeeping" (Ph. D. dissertation, 1936)

Box 2

  • "Contingent liabilities and their treatment on the balance sheet" (M. A. thesis, 1928)
  • write-ups of five psychological studies conducted at the University of Iowa, 1932: Action currents, Eye movement photography, Hathaway psychogalvanometer, Motor skills, and Perimetry of vision
  • selected documents for Business Education Hall of Fame ceremony
  • photographs of Professor Douglas, his students, and his professional activities
  • newsclippings
  • professional opportunities, especially jobs sought in the late 1940s
  • miscellaneous correspondence
  • Illinois State Normal University speaking engagement, 1960
  • final memo to department staff, 1970
  • testimonial dinner, 1967

Box 3

  • Lloyd V. Douglas Award correspondence and documents
  • John Robert Gregg Award, 1960
  • miscellaneous awards and certificates
  • proposed alumni hall of fame
  • Business Education National Hall of Fame
  • Delta Pi Epsilon
  • Pi Omega Pi
  • conference programs, generally in which Professor Douglas is featured as a speaker, planner, or participant in some other capacity

Box 4

  • "Business Education at Northern Illinois"
  • Business education alumni newsletter, 1956
  • Faculty Men's Club presentation
  • extension work and presentations including work at Allamakee County, Cedar Falls, Corning, Guthrie County, Marion and Warren County, Marshalltown, Norfolk (Nebraska), Somers, and Spencer, Rock Rapids, and LeMars
  • North Central Business Edcuation Association
  • Office Executives Club
  • Iowa Junior College Association
  • ISEA
  • New England Business Educators Association
  • course outline for American Business Problems
  • Indianapolis speech
  • Teaching Business Subjects correspondence
  • "Anecdotal picture of business education in the early twentieth century"
  • "A bed in the automobile"
  • book reviews
  • "Bookkeeping and accounting"
  • "Business education, an exciting career"
  • "Business education and the superior student"
  • "Business teachers"
  • "Capitalizing on today's challenges"
  • "Commercial education"

Box 5

  • "Confrontation '69"
  • "The effect of the 50s on the 60s"
  • "Focus on you, and on your preparation for a successful career in business"
  • "Free competitive American system"
  • "Gordon Timpany"
  • "Great-grandfather's arithmetic"
  • "Historical backgrounds and contributions of outstanding leaders in the development of business education"
  • "How does the principal evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching of bookkeeping?"
  • "Ideas about business education history"
  • "In memoriam: Robert O. Skar"
  • "Legal and social environment of business"
  • "A major methods idea"
  • "A needed long-range plan for improving our nation's learning system"
  • "99 business education terms defined"
  • "Occupational survival skills"
  • "A rationale for an approach in attempting to help solve problems of business management"
  • "Should the school board actively encourage its school administrators to attend summer school?"
  • "Some challenging new concepts to incorporate into your program"
  • "A spin-off on Project Awareness"
  • "Student study guide to Introduction to Business"
  • "A survey of commercial education in the public schools of Iowa"
  • surveys of Iowa commercial education
  • "Ten years of Alpha Tau"
  • "Training the commercial teacher of tomorrow"
  • Bookkeeping: its principles and uses as an aid to business
  • Iowa business educaton handbook

Box 6

  • Principles of Business Education (1942)
  • Modern Business (1949)
  • Business Education (1963)
  • Teaching Business Subjects (1965)

Box 7

  • Instructor's Manual for Modern Business (1948)
  • Modern Business (1948)
  • Teaching Business Subjects (1973)
  • "The Bookkeeping Course under the New Deal" (1934)
  • NASSP Bulletin, no. 165 (1949)
  • Audiocassettes

Box 8

  • Wrapped package including caricature of Professor Douglas by Herb Hake
  • NEA life membership certificate; Bachelor of Laws diploma

Box 9

  • Personnel file
  • History of business education program; information about graduates of the program
  • Business education curriculum
  • Departmental administration
  • 100 years of business education, 1957
  • Business education pamphlets

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