Audiovisual Collection--Videocassettes

Box 1

UNI faculty recruitment (VHS videocassette)

Music scholarship benefit commercial (VHS videocassette)

School of Music promotion (VHS videocassette)

School of Music recruitment, II (VHS videocassette)

Students First (VHS videocassette)

Leaders in a changing world, College of Humanities and Fine Arts (VHS videocassette)

Undated, but prior to August 6, 1994
History of UNI, William C. Lang (VHS videocassette) (2 copies)


Box 2

Undated, but between 1999 and 2006
President Koob PSA; Bobbi Petersen PSA; Rick Hartzell PSA (VHS videocassette)

Dr. Koob addresses Cedar Rapids Rotary Club (VHS videocassette)

UNI upland forest preserve (VHS videocassette)

Lang Hall:  Past.  Present.  Future? (VHS videocassette)

Global Health Corps (VHS videocassette)

Postville:  when cultures collide, IPTV (VHS videocassette)

UNI :60 Budget PSA; UNI :30 Research PSA; UNI :30 Accessibility PSA (VHS videocassette)


Box 3

March 1980
Interview with Professor Clifford Bishop

November 1985
Festival of dedication:  New Art Building (Beta videocassette)

December 1991
"A gift of music"--School of Music Christmas television show (VHS videocassette)

Real life at Northern Iowa (VHS videocassette)

1992-1993, 1993-1994
Retirement recognition program

October 21, 1994
ADA in the classroom (VHS videocassette)

President Curris leaves UNI, by Craig Cronbaugh (VHS videocassette)


Box 4

April 1996
Investiture of Presdient Koob; UNI 120th anniversary (VHS videocassette)

April 1996
Hoxie Professorship address (VHS videocassette)

April 1996
Annie Wittenmyer monument dedication; investiture luncheon (VHS videocassette)

May 4, 1996
Thirty-eighth annual Recognition Breakfast (VHS videocassette)

c. 1997
Presidential PowerPoint presentation (VHS videocassette)

President Koob, Price Laboratory School (VHS videocassette)

February 3, 1997
Koob budget presentation, 90 minutes (VHS videocassette)


Box 5

June 25, 1997
Performing Arts Center groundbreaking ceremony (VHS videocassette)

September 5, 1997
High quality early education, Regents' Center for early Developmental Education (for Senate Democratic Strike Force hearing) (VHS videocassette)

November 1997
DoDDS/UNI Mathematics staff development project, 15 minutes (VHS videocassette)

November 1997
DoDDS/UNI Leadership development project, 15 minutes (VHS videocassette)

April 20, 1998
Iowa 1998 State Tech Prep Conference; UNI/NIACC partnership announcement (VHS videocassette)

October 2, 1998
Curris Business Building dedication, October 2, 1998 (VHS videocassette)

November 5, 1998
Edward Zlotkowski.  Reflection workshop (VHS videocassette)

November 5, 1998
Edward Zlotkowski.  Service-learning workshop (VHS videocassette)

November 10, 1998
Wellness/Recreation Center dedication, (VHS videocassette)


Box 6

Condition of the State, 1999, Governor Branstad; Inauguration of Governo Tom Vilsack (VHS videocassette)

November 10, 1999
Dan Dustin.  Celebrating Iowa's sense of place.  A keynote presentation at the Governor's summit Enhancing the Livability of Iowa communities.  UNI.  Cedar Falls  (VHS videocassette)

November 16, 1999
Athletic Business Magazine, 1999 facility of merit awards (VHS videocassette)

Varsity Men's Glee Club, The gift:  A UNI Men's Glee Club tour of Europe (VHS videocassette)

April 14, 2000
Students First live show for UNI Foundation trustees (VHS videocassette)

April 14, 2000
David W. Wilson, Business Ethics Chair Press Conference (VHS videocassette)

2000, probably spring
Retirement show (VHS videocassette)

August 28, 2000
Convocation (VHS videocassette)

December 2, 2000
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Christmas program (VHS videocassette)


Box 7

March 23, 2001
UNI Jazz Band on "Living in Iowa" (VHS videocassette)

September 14, 2001
UNI World Trade Center memorial (VHS videocassette)

October 12, 2001
Lang Hall re-dedication (VHS videocassette)

November 27, 2001
UNI Students First campaign:  1. Koob version; 2. Crowd version; 3. Cedar Valley version (VHS videocassette)

December 8, 2001
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Christmas program (VHS videocassette) (2 copies)

Convocation (VHS videocassette)

December 6, 2002
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Christmas program (VHS videocassette)


Box 8

December 19, 2002
Commencement (VHS videocassette)

Convocation (VHS videocassette)

August 25, 2003
President Koob's address to the faculty (VHS videocassette)

February 27, 2004
Collegiate Entrepreneurs Iowa Conference (VHS videocassette)

August 2004
University Convocation (VHS videocassette)

October 9, 2004
McLeod Center groundbreaking ceremonies (VHS videocassette)

October 27, 2004
President Koob's speech to the Graduate Faculty (VHS videocassette)

June 18, 2005
Business and Community Services Building, Phase 1, groundbreaking ceremony (VHS videocassette)

August 2005
University Convocation (VHS videocassette)

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