Monica Rosina Wild Papers

Archives Record Series: 13/06/22

Monica Rosina Wild (1891-1947).  Papers, (1923-1954).  5 linear feet.


Monica Wild joined the UNI faculty in 1913 as an instructor in the Department of Physical Education.  From 1919 until 1931 she was Professor and Acting Head of the department.  Then in 1931 she was named full head of the Department of Physical Education for Women, a position she held until her death from a stroke in 1947.


This collection contains a variety of materials from reel-to-reel films and cassettes to books and handwritten notes.  The collection consists mainly of a subject file on topics of interest in the field of  physical education for children and women.  The file contains films, cassettes of lectures, handwritten notes on classroom activities, correspondence, and notes on developing content areas.   Box 4 also contains information on the Women's Athletic Association.  Boxes 5 and 6 contain Wild's thesis, and short films used in her research are located in Box 7.

Box 1

  • Alcohol, 1943-1946
  • Athletic Conference of American College Women, 1927-1931
  • Cedar Falls recreation, 1944, 1948
  • Child health workshop, 1946
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Dysmenorrhea, 1945
  • Department of Public Instruction-Subcommittee on Physical, Health, and Safety Education-elementary teachers handbook, 1940-1941
  • "Value of Educational Athletics" - paper, 1931
  • Elements of motor skills, student test records, 1941-1951
  • Games and songs, 1935, 1939, 1944
  • Health education

Box 2

"Iowa Plan" for Physical Education, 1934-1948

Kinesiology, 1934-1954

Box 3

  • Overnight camps handbooks, 1947-1949
  • May pole dance instruction
  • PEW 113 - Physical education for the elementary grades, 1948-1952
  • Physical education uniforms, 1950
  • Physical exam cards
  • Play
  • Play and playgrounds
  • Play and recreation

Box 4

  • Play and recreational leadership
  • Play Day, 1927-1930
  • School health problems, 1950
  • State health tests, 1940-1945
  • Swimming
  • Swimming Committee, 1942
  • Teaching of swimming and basketball, 1923-1951
  • Monica Wild and Doris E. White text "Physical Education for Elementary Schools", 1936-1946
  • Women's Athletic Association, 1925-1939

Box 5

"The Behavior Pattern of Throwing and Some Observations Concerning its Course of Development in Children" by Monica Rosina Wild, 1937, chapters I-VI

Box 6

"The Behavior Pattern of Throwing and Some Observations Concerning its Course of Development in Children" by Monica Rosina Wild, 1937, chapters VII-XI

"Prenatal Development in Motor Behavior" by Monica Wild, 1936

Box 7


  • Unlabeled film
  • Eight small films labeled "Wild Film".  These films contain footage of individuals throwing a ball and may have been used in Wild's research for her thesis found in Boxes 5 and 6.

Copper print block with "In memory of Monica Wild" engraved on it - used to dedicate books


  • two blue cassettes contain a woman lecturing about women in athletics
  • orange cassettes:  Tape A, side 1 is empty and side 2 contains "Showboat" song;
    Tape B, side 1 is empty and sides 2 through 7 contain a day-long workshop on professional development of students in the physical education field

Box 8

Physical examination records

"The Sportswoman", October 1926, December 1929-June 1933 (incomplete)

Box 9

Mounted results of women's track, tennis, basketball, hiking and swimming events for spring 1925

Camping trip scrapbook page

Box 10 Dance Sheet Music

  • Dance music from Monica Wild
  • Rhea B. Marble dance music: Free and Easy Polka for Piano Forte; Dance Exercises; Twenty Dance Studies; Melodies, Bar and Technique for Dance Studio; An Introduction to the English Country Dance; School Rhythms for Kindergarten and Lower Primary Grades; Studies
  • "The Cycle of the Hours"
  • Book A of miscellaneous music from Rhea B. Marble
  • Loose sheet music from Monica Wild
  • Number 1 Accompaniment for Dance Technique
  • Miscellaneous dances like Western and Tango


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