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Pauline Sauer, (1916-1999). Papers, (1940-1980). 7 linear feet.


Pauline Sauer served UNI for thirty-three years. Initrially she taught in the Department of Biology and later she served as Director of the UNI Museum. Sauer joined the UNI faculty in 1949 as an instructor of biology. In 1953 she became an assistant professor. Her work at the UNI Museum began in 1958 on a part time basis, the same year in which she became an associate professor. She served as acting curator beginning in 1962 and in 1964 was named curator. One year later, in 1965, she became the first person to assume full responsibility for the museum when she was named director. She held this position, as well as her associate professorship, until she retired in 1982.

Sauer received a B.Ed. in lower elementary education and science from the Chicago Teachers College; an M.A. in botany with museum training from the University of Michigan; and a Ph.D. in nature and conservation education from Cornell University.

Professor Sauer's obituary will furnish more personal information.



Pauline Sauer's papers are a treasure of material relating to nature study, conservation education, and science education in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. The papers include Sauer's notes and course-related material accumulated as a Ph.D. student at Cornell University; the syllabi and course-related material that she used while teaching at UNI; and, interspersed with the other material, an extensive collection of leaflets, lists, teaching aids, illustrations, and articles relating to conservation and science education. Material remains in the broad categories that Sauer used for her files. Some material relates to specific academic courses of study; other material relates to topics such as birds or trees.

Sauer donated most of this material to Rod Library Special Collections in 1995 and 1996.

Researchers may also wish to consult the papers of Martin L. and Dorothy S. Grant (15/02/21) and the records of the Iowa Teachers Conservation Camp (15/02/13). Both of these collections are also held in Rod Library Special Collections. Together, the Sauer, Grant, and ITCC papers offer a deep look at science education in the Midwest from the 1930s through the 1970s.


Container Inventory


Box 1

Cornell Rural School Leaflets, v. XIII-XXV (1920-1932)


Box 2

Cornell Rural School Leaflets, v. XXVI-XLV (1932-1952)


Box 3

Cornell Rural School Leaflets, v. XLVI-XLIX (1952-1956); scattered loose issues of the Cornell Rural School Leaflets (including some early issues) and its successor publication, the Cornell Science Leaflets


Box 4

Turtox News, nearly complete run of this newsletter from the well-known scientific supply and equipment company, 1948-1970


Box 5

Material related to Sauer's college work from the 1940s but especially from her study at Cornell University in the early 1950s. Specifically, this material includes class notes, manuals, reports, publications, and curricular material for classes and studies in the areas of: animal ecology, aquatic flowering plants, biology laboratory, botany bibliography, Comstock paper, conservation of natural resources, development of nature and science education in the United States, field natural history, field studies in animal ecology, geology, household mechanics, laboratory manual of genetics, mammalogy notes, nature education at Morton Arboretum, nature literature, notes and curricular publications, plant-insect relationships, plant physiology, plant propagation, test construction and analysis, vertebrate taxonomy and ecology, weeds and poisonous plants


Boxes 6-8

Material relating to Sauer's teaching at UNI after she had completed her work at Cornell University. These folders include course syllabi, laboratory manuals, extensive curricular publications, class handouts, and notes. The material relates to specific courses and to general topics.


Box 6

Animal ecology, animals, "Ask the Scientist", audio- visual, Biological Environment (82:122), Biological Sciences II (spring 1965), biology examinations, Biology for Elementary Grades, Biology for Elementary Grades II (1956, 1961, 1962), biology laboratory manual sheets, Biology 10 laboratory manual, Biology 10 lecture notes, Biology 21:101 (activities and equipment, evaluations, labs, schedules, selected references), Biology 82:22, Biology 82:104, Biology 82:122.


Box 7

Biology 84:115, Biology 84:515, birds, conservation, conservation education, consultant trip (1963), ecological study leaflets, Ecology 84:230, Elementary Methods 21:101, elementary science books, elementary science conferences, elementary science curriculum, extension service (Algona, Spencer), extension service and institutes, field trip methods, field zoology of vertebrates, forest conservation.


Box 8

"History of the University of Northern Iowa Museum, 1890-1975"; forestry, handbook for teaching conservation, household mechanics, individual differences in science students, instructions to naturalists in the armed forces, Iowa natural areas, Iowa Science Teachers Association, Iowa Teachers Conservation Camp, leaf prints, methods in elementary science, Morton Arboretum work, nature bulletins, nature study, nature study equipment, nature study--Iowa, nature study tips, nature trails, plants-flowers-weeds, plant scrapbook, Public History class, school camping, "Simple devices for enriching elementary nature study programs", "Simple teaching aids . . . for elementary biology", soils, summer conservation workshops, taxonomic keys, teaching science, trees, Turtox service leaflets, Ward's natural science bulletins.


Box 9

File cards with bibliographic citations and notes on field trips, botany, zoology, and nature and science education. These cards were prepared while Sauer was studying at Cornell, while she taught at UNI, and when she directed the UNI Museum.

Material processed by Gerald L. Peterson and finding aid prepared by Gerald L. Peterson and Susan Witthoft, June, September, and Ocotber 1996; September 1997.

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