Robert T. Ward Papers

Archives Record Series: 15/07/14

Robert T. Ward.  Papers, (1976-1998).  4.75 linear feet.


Robert T. Ward served on the Physics faculty at the University of Northern Iowa from 1975 until his retirement in 1999. 


Professor Ward gave this material to Rod Library Special Collections in the fall if 1999 and the fall of 2000. The collection contains documents collected by Dr. Ward during his service on the General Education Committee and the Blue Ribbon Panel.  There are also notes and material from science and computer courses that Professor Ward taught. Another portion of the collection includes information on national curriculum projects relating to the teaching of mathematics and science. The final part of the collection relates to Professor Ward's work on grant-funded projects at UNI.

Container Inventory

Box 1

Course Notes

Environment Technology and Society, 82:140:  Materials; Syllabi from other faculty; Spring and fall 1990; Section 19, spring 1992; Fall 1996; Fall 1997.

Conceptual Physics, 880:011: Notes for summer 1993; Homework Solutions, fall 1998; Notes and plans, fall 1998; Chapters 21-23, October 13-December 10, 1998.

Elements of Physics, 88:012: Spring 1993; Fall 1995.

Introduction to Computers and Physics, 88:059: Materials; Notes, materials, and plans, fall 1991.

Experiences in Science, 82:159 and 82:130: 1976-1982

Experiences in Elementary Science, 82:159: Fall 1976; Films, 1976-1977; File copies of worksheets; Projects; Fall 1993.

S-APA, Description of Curriculum Development in Jr. High School.

Orientation to Science Teaching, 82:190: Articles; Teaching, activities, plans, etc., summer 1976; Spring 1977; CBI, 1984-1987; Spring 1987.

Teaching Elementary Science, 252.02 and 254.01, University of Chicago, 1971-1972.

Trends in Science Education, 82:290: References and sources; Summer 1986; Summer 1992.

Box 2

Course Notes (continued)

Developing Science Curricula, 82:294: Projects, changes, hist-disc., list notes; Materials; References; Exams; Summer 1984; Spring 1987; Summer 1987; Spring 1989; Fall 1990; Summer 1991; Fall 1992; Summer 1993 (Taiwan Program); Spring 1994; Spring 1996; Fall 1997; Articles.

Current Technologies in Science Teaching: Research; Presentation-spreadsheets; Physics InfoMall; CBI software guide; Lesson planning; Software evaluation, checklist and explanation; Multimedia; Spring 1989; Spring 1990; Spring 1991; Spring 1992; Fall 1992; Spring 1993; Fall 1993; Arrangements and procedures, 1994-1996; Spring 1994; Fall 1994; Talk and paper, July 1994; Spring 1995; Spring 1996; Multimedia-PowerPoint, fall 1996; World Wide Web, fall 1995, spring/fall 1996; Fall 1996.

Computers in Education, 1970-1972.

Using Computers in Secondary School Instruction, 82:133: June 29-July 2, 1981; Summer 1982.

Microcomputers and Science Teaching, 82:133g: August 1986.

Microcomputers and Science Teaching, 88:133g: Summer 1985.

Using Computers in Teaching Physics, 88:133g: Summer 1988.

Box 3

Course Notes (continued)

Microcomputers in Education, 01:159: June 13-24, 1983; April 5-May 3, 1983; Ex. program listings, April 5-May 3, 1983; April 2-30, 1984; Handouts, summers of 1983 and 1984.

Microcomputers in Education, 24:133g: Spring 1984, Denison, Iowa; Fall 1984, Calmar; Plans, 1983-1984.

Teacher Education Coordinating Council

1987-1989; 1995-1998; Middle school licensure, 1996; Iowa teacher licensure revisions, 1995.

Blue Ribbon Panel

1995-spring 1996; Fall 1996; Program materials; Program Group, fall 1996; Reports, 1996-1997.

General Education Committee

1982-1988; Review Committee, 1994-1995; Task Force, October 1996-1997; Liberal Arts Option, 1983-1984; Lab requirement; Major requirements.

Box 4

General Education Committee (continued)

Proposals, alternate program; Core and "Cosmos"; CNS plans; Sphere I and II plans.

Curriculum research and development

Material related to national curriculum projects in mathematics and science including work at the Education Development Center; Unified Sciences and Mathematics for Elementary Schools; Introductory Physical Science--Physical Science II; University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics; Minnemast; Individualized Science Instructional System; Intermediate Science Curriculum Study; PSNS; Science 5/13 Project; Science Curriculum Improvement Study; and School Mathematics Study Group.

Material related to National Science Foundation grants funded at UNI including: Preparation of Elementary School Mathematics and Science Teachers; Microcomputers in Science Teaching; Activity-Based Introductory Science Project; and CAUSE project.


Material in Boxes 1-3 processed and finding aid prepared by Susan Basye, December 1999; material in Box 4 processed and finding aid updated by Gerald L. Peterson, September 2001.

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