Unit III Team, Price Laboratory School, Papers

Archives Record Series: 25/06/11

Unit III Team, Price Laboratory School, Papers. 2 linear feet.

At its fall 2004 banquet, the Alumni and Friends of Price Laboratory School honored teachers who had served on the school's Unit III team from 1970 through 1995: Maribelle Betterton, Joan Duea, Bev Ewoldt Riess, Judith Gish, Betty Strub, Beverly Smith, Joan Lawrence, Lynn Nielsen, Janet McClain, and Sue Swartz.  This group had a remarkable record of developing innovative and wide-ranging curricula for the lower elementary grades.  Joan Duea gave most of the material in this collection to Becky Wilson Hawbaker in preparation for the Alumni and Friends banquet.  Becky Wilson Hawbaker then gave the material to Rod Library Special Collections in March 2005.

Most of the material in this collection consists of printed curriculum guides and audio-visual media produced by the Unit III team.  The audio-visual media consist primarily of photographic prints and photographic slide transparencies.  A good portion of this collection, housed in Boxes 1-3, was labeled when it arrived in Special Collections.  The arranger used these labels to create the inventory below.  However, the contents of Box 4 consist of material that was labeled "Miscellaneous"; was not labeled at all; or was loose in the shipping cartons.

Box Inventory

Box 1

  • Script and slide show for banquet to honor Unit III teachers, by Becky Wilson Hawbaker
  • Printed curriculum guides and audio-visual material
    • Dr. Suess
    • Class speakers
    • Industrial Technology
    • Field Trips and Special Events
    • Social Studies
    • Elections
    • Maps and Globes
    • China
    • Celebrating the Bill of Rights
    • Celebrating the Constitution


Box 2

    Printed curriculum guides and audio-visual material

    • Australia
    • Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Edex Teaching System
    • Listening
    • Equal Arm Balance
    • Metric System and Field Day
    • Garbage
    • Tangrams
    • Sandcastles--Strub--Hats
    • Pioneers, summer 1979
    • Industrial Processes
    • Field Trip
    • Metric System--Indoor--Sand
    • Outdoor Education
    • Sand Centers
    • Bulletin Boards, Displays, Classrooms
    • Hartman Reserve--Strub
    • Students Working, May 1979
    • Mathematics
    • Television Unit
    • Outdoor Education, 1978
    • Snow Sculpture
    • Pheasants, 1970-1971
    • Elementary Conference
    • Homeroom
    • Language Arts
    • Field Trip, Valley View Park, May 1976
    • Activity Room


Box 3

    Printed curriculum guides and audio-visual material

    • Field Trip, 1974
    • Jacob's Ladder Project
    • Miscellaneous
    • Playgrounds
    • Fun Day
    • Puppet Plays
    • Hat Day--Hartman Reserve--Dr. Seuss
    • Social Studies--Maps and Globes--Elections
    • Science
    • China--Dragon
    • Thanksgiving Feast
    • Safety City, 1974-1975
    • Reading Class Activities
    • Career Development and General Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Reading


Box 4

    Printed curriculum guides and audio-visual material--labeled "Miscellaneous" or unlabeled


Box 5

    Photo of Joan Duea, Sue Schwartz, Betty Strub, and Judy Gish

Papers processed and finding aid created by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, October 2005; last modified December 3, 2010 (GP).

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