Waterloo Urban Ministry Records

Manuscript Recored Series: MsC-4

Waterloo Urban Ministry. Records, (1968-1978). 4.5 linear feet.


Box 1

Here are filed materials relating to the beginning of the Waterloo Urban Ministry.

  • A History of Urban Ministry in Greater Waterloo, by Stanley C. Kennedy, 1978. This manuscript contains references to Black history in the Waterloo community; the organizing and development of the Urban Ministry; the role of the Urban Minister; and the development and role of the Community Enabler.
  • Urban Ministry, United Methodist Church, Old Papers, November, 1967-September, 1970. These papers are photo copies of the originals which were compiled by the Rev. Harvey Bartz. This material includes correspondence, minutes, reports, statistics and financial statements from the time the idea of an Urban Ministry in Waterloo was first conceived, to the resignation of Rev. Bartz.
  • Old Correspondence, March, 1968-September, 1970. This is correspondence between Harvey Bartz and others involved in the organizing and developing of the Waterloo Urban Ministry. The material in this file has been photocopied from the originals which were assembled by Rev. Bartz.
  • Toward a Metropolitan Ministry in Black Hawk County--The United Methodist Church. This paper was written by Harvey Bartz and Richard Pfaltzgraft, co-chairmen of the Methodist-EUB Study Committee. It presents the background, purpose, proposal for job description, and possible approach to an urban ministry. (no date)
  • A memo from Harvey Bartz and Richard Pfaltzgraft to the United Methodist Church of Waterloo-Cedar Falls requesting financial support from the local congregations for the Urban Ministry. (no date)
  • A Progress Report on the Urban Ministry Proposal of the United Methodist Church in Black Hawk County, submitted by Harvey Bartz and Richard Pfaltzgraft, c. April 1, 1968.
  • Suggestions toward the proposed structure and organization of the Urban Ministry, April 27, 1968.
  • Organizing the Urban Ministry According to the Methodist Discipline
  • "The Church in the City," a sermon delivered by Harvey Bartz in the
    Waterloo area to orient congregations to the Urban Ministry. (no date)

Boxes 2 and 3 contain papers of the Urban Ministers', the Rev. Harvey A. Bartz, first Waterloo Urban Minister, and the Rev. Stanley C. Kennedy, second Waterloo Urban Minister.

Box 2

  • Newsclippings: Appointment of Harvey Bartz as minister to the Waterloo Urban Ministry; Resignation of Rev. Bartz
  • Study literature used by Rev. Bartz
  • Remembrance of Martin Luther King, Good Friday, 1969. A message delivered at Payne A.M.E. Church, Waterloo, by Harvey Bartz.
  • The World of the New Generation. Conference for people working
    with youth, held at the University of Iowa, Ames, November 5-7,1970.
  • For Whites Only. A study conducted at various times within the community by Stanley Kennedy.
  • The Church and Social Change--The Old and New in Worship Forms, a
    conference held at Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa, March 28,1971, in which Stanley Kennedy served on a discussion panel.
  • Material on the Freedom Institute held at Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant Iowa (no date)

Box 3

  • General Conference of the United Methodist Church literature and newsclippings. Rev. Kennedy was a delegate to this conference representing the state of Iowa, April, 1972.
  • North Central Jurisdictional Conference of the United Methodist Church material--Rev. Kennedy was a delegate. Indianapolis, Indiana, July,1972.
  • A Possible Proposal for a Support System for the Urban Minister of Greater Waterloo. This paper explains the situation, the goal, and the persons who might be suggested as a team, late 1973.
  • Correspondence to the Urban Minister, December, 1970-October, 1971

Box 4

  • Strategy Council Members. There are six different lists but only one is dated--1971.
  • Orientation Material for New Members of the Strategy Council. This material includes background information, the Urban Ministry's purpose, the Urban Ministry's goal, the person and role of the Urban Minister, the Strategy Council, financial support, and "you as a linking person." (no date)
  • Strategy Council Executive Committee, September, 1970-October, 1977
  • Strategy Council Agenda, minutes, and Minister's monthly reports, May 18, 1968-October, 1977
  • Financial Reports, June 12, 1968-October, 1977
  • Cancelled checks and bank statements, January, 1971-December, 1972
  • Strategy Council Evaluation Workshop, October 22-24, 1971
  • This is a reprint of letters sent to various agencies by the Urban Ministry Strategy Council, January 15, 1970.

Boxes 5 and 6 contain material relating to various projects, task forces, committees, and etc.

Box 5

  • Operation Headstart. This file contains correspondence, and reports, January and February, 1978.
  • Pilot Hot Breakfast Program. There is one page explaining the program. (no date)
  • Advocator Program. One page explaining the program (no date)
  • Loan Fund Committee. This file contains guidelines, and reports, April, 1972-February, 1973.
  • Questryst--a coffee house for youth. This material lists the philosophy, purpose, possibilities, needs, and projected expenses, February 12, 1970.
  • Summer Volunteers Program. Evaluations, correspondence and applications can be found in this file, 1970.
  • Summer Youth Program. Two reports are in this file: 1975 and undated.
  • Jobs for Youth Committee. Correspondence from B. Reuter and R. Harristo SCK, 1974; committee meeting agenda, February 15, 1973.
  • Urban Renewal: Project Area Committee. Minutes, correspondence and brochures, 1971-72.
  • Economic Empowerment Task Force.
  • Intra Community Relations Task Force. Purpose, and one set of minutes, February 19, 1972.
  • Urban Consultation materials, 1971 and 1973
  • Urban Ministry Observer Program. One page giving the purpose, observer action and administration (no date)
  • Low Income Housing. This file has reports and statements. (no dates)
    Operation Housing. Delegate's Kit, April 10-11, 1970
  • Recovery, Inc. Mental Health Association brochures; correspondence; news release, March 12, 1974; meeting places, April. 1973; notes
  • We, Inc.--Community Power. There is a statement of purpose and an invitation to join. (no date)
  • Environmental Coalition, Inc. There is correspondence explaining the organization, January 13, 1971.
  • Special Project Fund. There are a few notes and a project brochure in this file.
  • Drug Abuse Team. This paper gives the purpose and the names of the six team members. (no date)

Box 6 Office Files

  • Project Equality;
  • Proposal for a Dialogue Center in Waterloo;
  • Community Developer Program;
  • The Structure of the Urban Ministry in Graphic Form;
  • Urban Ministry Goals, 1973, 1974, and 1975;
  • Report of the Urban Ministry to the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, 1973 and 1976;
  • Urban Ministry Newsletters, May-June, 1973 and 1974;
  • Brochures; Prospectus--East Fourth Property;
  • Board of Global Ministries;
  • Bail Bond Proposal;
  • Group Sensitivity Sessions in Human Relations (brochure);
  • A Study of Frequently Used Service Agencies in Waterloo, Iowa, by Jerry Hoyer, June, 1974;
  • Hawkeye United Methodist, January, 1974 and June-July, 1978;
  • Rust College, Mississippi;
  • Pray for Peace

Printed Material:

  • Black Community Developers;
  • Bibliographies of Afro-American Publications;
  • Holy Family Lutheran Church, Chicago;
  • Six Myths About Welfare;
  • School Desegregation

Box 7

This box contains printed material relating to problems between minorities and the city of Waterloo. Most of the material has been compiled by the Human Rights Commission.

  • Hearing Before the Waterloo Commission on Human Rights, September 7,
  • First Annual Report of the Commission on Human Rights, June, 1968-
    June, 1969;
  • Annual Report of the Commission of Human Rights, June, 1969-June,
  • Affirmative Action Program, City of Waterloo, 1975 (?);
  • Human Resources Study, Waterloo, Iowa, 1973


Box 8


Here are filed the educational reports, statistics, and correspondence dealing with the Waterloo School Board, student disruption, the problems of desegregation and integration, and UNI-CUE, 1968-1972.

  • The Week of September 8, 1968, Waterloo, Iowa. This is an analysis of the conflict between black students and school administrators; and the riot after the football game in which a lumber yard was set fire, and the Mayor called in the National Guard.
  • A Statistical Summary of the Minority Group Problems in Waterloo. Within this summary are listed the problems relating to education, housing, and employment between the years 1960 and 1969.
  • Integration and the Waterloo School Board. This report, dated May 1,1969, makes reference to the reaction of the Waterloo School Board to the attached letter, which is signed by 300 Waterloo Citizens, making three requests of the Board: 1) to support the principle of total integration of the School District 2) to present plans to correct the imbalance 3) announce a time table by which the process will be completed.
  • Biographical sketch of Dr. Robert F. Harvey, candidate for the Waterloo School Board. (no date)
  • Report of Study Committee on School Crisis in Waterloo, February, 1969. Prepared by State of Iowa--Department of Public Instruction.
  • Technical Assistance Report on School Desegregation and Integration-
    Waterloo Community School District
    . State of Iowa--Department of
    Public Instruction. (no date)

The Bridgeway Project--Grant School. This file contains:

  • Questions for Discussion by the Study Committee of the Urban Ministry;
  • A letter to the Board of Education from the chairman of the Strategy Council of the Urban Ministry. February 12, 1970;
  • A letter from Waterloo Superintendent of Schools to parents, August 19, 1970;
  • Bridgeway Project and Open Enrollment, by Darrell Grinnell, Director of Transportation, Waterloo Community School (a report of available transportation, and a list of the rules and regulations);
  • A letter from the Principal at Grant School to the Bridgeway Parents about expected experiences at Grant School and a list of orientation sessions for parents, August 12, 1970;
  • Newspaper clippings, October, 1969-February, 1970;
  • A paper written by L. Robert Keck, March, 1969, Your Child Education, De Facto Segregation;
  • A list of Grant School Project Sub-Committees;
  • The Bridgeway Project--Grant School, a paper explaining the project;
  • Grant School Project, Preliminary Planning and Development, September 22, 1969;
  • Grant School Project, Registration Procedures, December 6, 1969;
  • Grant School Project, Questions-Answers, November 7, 1969; plus the supplement November 11, 1969;
  • Grant School Project, Summary of Committee Reports, December 1, 1969;
  • Correspondence between the Superintendent of Schools and the Urban Minister, 1969-1970;
  • A series of articles printed in the December 16, 1967 issue of the Saturday Review on education in urban and minority situations;
  • Agenda for Grant School Project informational seminar, November 22, 1969;
  • An Evaluation of a Survey Regarding the Grant School Project Taken in the Grant School District, October 27 and November 3, 1969;
  • An Evaluation of a Spot Survey Regarding the Grant School Project Taken in West Waterloo, the week of October 27, 1969;
  • Education of Minority Group and Disadvantaged Children, proposed policy, October 13, 1969


  • A reprint of an article in the Waterloo Daily Courier, December 1, 1969-"Officials Still Await Release by HUD of Funds for East High Campus Project: Relocation Main Concern."
  • Community Schools Make News, 1969-70. This is the third issue sent to the Citizens of the Waterloo Community School District by the Board of Education in an effort to keep the community informed of school affairs and the improvement of the educational program.
  • A letter from William G. Stevens, Chairman of the Urban Ministry Strategy Council, to Waterloo Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gene Lubera, November 30, 1970. It was written in reference to Dr. Lubera meeting with Rev. Stanley Kennedy, Urban Minister.
  • Statement Issued by the Strategy Council of the United Methodist Church in Waterloo, Iowa, December, 1971. This statement is urging integration in the Waterloo Schools.
  • A Statement Presented to Personnel of the Waterloo School Administration and Operation Free by Stanley Kennedy, Ronald Madsen, and Donald L. Carver. (no date)
  • A Resolution Concerning Busing Passed by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in session in Atlanta, Georgia, April, 1972.
  • University of Northern Iowa Center for Urban Education (UNI-CUE). This file contains material from the Talent Search Program, and the Advisory Committee; First Summer Report, July 1-September 30, 1969; An explanation of the four major emphases or functions of UNI-CUE: A Semi-Annual Project Description and Progress Report from July 1, 1969-January 30, 1970 by Henry C. Johnson, Director, January 28, 1970.

Box 9

This box contains photocopies of reports, proposals, and press packets of the Afro-American Community Broadcasting, Inc., 1977-78; and photocopies of correspondence, reports, and proposals on the Community Enabler/Developer Program, 1968-78


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