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Biographical Sketches

Hans Hjulsager Physical Plant Grounds Division
Harry Hofmann Custodian
Olive Joanna Holliday Home Economics Faculty
Telford F. Hollman Business Faculty
George H. Holmes Public Relations Director
Lola Holmes Telephone Operator
Mavis L. Holmes Dean of Students
John A. Hols Public Relations Staff
Harald B. Holst Music Faculty
Karl M. Holvik Music Faculty
Donald K. Hoppe Physical Education Storekeeper
Joyce Jean Hornby Education Faculty
Leland E. Hott Laboratory School Faculty
Grace Ann Hovet English Faculty
Avis Rose Howard Library Staff
Donald F. Howard History Faculty
Elisabeth Sutherland Howes Home Economics Faculty
Helen Frances Hoy Laboratory School Faculty
Genevieve Erlene Hubly English Faculty
Elizabeth F. Hughes Education Faculty
William N. Hull Drawing and Accounts Faculty
Esther Hult Education Faculty
Katherine S. Humphrey Business Education Faculty
Mary B. Hunter Economics Faculty
Carol Joyce Hutchison Secretary
John R. Iversen Painter
Cyril L. Jackson Laboratory School Faculty
W. Michael Jamieson Electronics Technician
Jake Jaspers Custodian
Philip C. Jennings Business Manager


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