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Biographical Sketches

June Jeanette Baker Rogers Laundry Staff
Robert Alonzo Rogers Physics Faculty
Rutherford David Rogers Library Faculty
Ida C. Rohlf English Faculty
Russell R. Rolinger Food Service Staff
William G. Rombke Adjunct Faculty
Ronald William Roskens Alumnus
Elizabeth Ann "Betts" Roth Education Faculty
Julia Jane Rozendaal Education Faculty
Rosa Lena Ruegnitz Music Faculty
Claire N. Rule Secretary
Myron E. Russell Music Faculty
Arlene A. Ruthenberg Library Faculty
Edward Rutkowski Education Faculty
Layle A. Ryan Truck Driver
Roselyn T. Ryan Maucker Union Custorian
Thomas G. Ryan History Faculty
Debbie Green Sabbath Laboratory School Faculty
Henry Sabin Board of Directors
Leland L. Sage History Faculty
John Sallis Custodian
George W. Samson, Jr. Music Faculty
George W. Samson, Sr. Education Faculty
Pauline Sauer Museum Director, Biology Faculty
Josef Schaefer Language Faculty
Alvin W. Schindler Alumnus, Teacher
Raymond J. Schlicher Dean of Continuing Education
Vera M. Schlimmer Box Office Staff
Hilmar J. Schmidt Electrician
Melvin F. Schneider Laboratory School Faculty


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