Cedar Valley Hunger Games III

Cedar Valley Hunger Games III
May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 pm-10 pm at UNI's Rod Library

With Catching Fire set to hit theatres this coming November, we at Rod Library and the Cedar Falls and Waterloo Public Libraries are gearing up to put on another Hunger Games event! And this time we're upping the stakes to make the games better, tougher, and even more fun!

Registration is now open!!!  Registration forms can be turned into Rod Library Youth Department, Cedar Falls Public Library, and Waterloo Public Library.  Teams can send their completed forms to: Rod Library Youth Collection, UNI 1227 W. 27th St. Cedar Falls, IA 50613, or email them to Sandra.Wilkens@uni.edu.  You may also fax forms to 319-273-2913.  Registration Deadline has been extended to Wednesday, September 18,  2013.

* Very Important:  Your team should bring 5 non-perishable food/toiletry items (toilet tissue, toothpaste, etc.) per team member or 20 items per team of 4.  These food items will be donated to the Iowa Food Bank.  Food Bank Wish List: Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, Canned Tuna or Canned Chicken, Peanut Butter, Pasta, or Noodles, and Crackers.  Bring these items with you to the registration desk at Rod Library.

Volunteering: Want to be part of the blood bath but don't want to be on a team? Great!  We'll need all the volunteers we can get to run the games, set up, take down, etc.  Please note that the ability to smile in the midst of carnage is a highly valued skill in volunteers!  Email Angie Cox to volunteer!

Videos from past games:

2009     2010     2012


**NOTE: ALL participants need to fill out both a registration form and a release form to play.  You may also fax forms to 319-273-2913.

Cedar Valley Hunger Games III Flyer PDF document

Rules Word document

Registration Form (online form)

Release Form PDF document  (Email this form to Sandra.Wilkens@UNI.EDU)