Photocopy Desk Guidelines

The Photocopy Desk may make one copy of most copyrighted material if the copy is intended for scholarly use. The photocopy staff must be unaware that such copy will be used for any other purpose. The photocopy staff may not knowingly exceed copyright restrictions; for example, a patron may not get one copy of photocopied material, step away from the Desk, then return for another copy from the same work. This is true no matter how much time has elapsed between the patron's visits to the Photocopy Desk.

Particulars of the Copyright Law:

Basically, the law has been interpreted to allow the following:

  • One copy of one article per issue of a periodical or newspaper.
  • One copy of one chapter per book if the book is divided into chapters, or one copy of 10% of the book if it is not divided into chapters.
  • One copy of 10% of a piece of music.
  • One copy of one poem per books, up to 250 lines.
  • One copy of no more than two pages from a children's book (this includes pictures, paintings, and drawings).
  • One copy of one photograph, chart, or graph per book, unless these are within the context of an article or chapter and the entire text of the article is copied as well; then we can make one copy of each photograph, chart, or graph within that article or chapter.
  • Nothing from a workbook with perforated pages (unless otherwise stated on the manuscript). The specific purpose of such workbooks is to have the pages torn out and written upon. This is how publishers make money on them, so patrons who make copies of these pages are defeating the purpose of the workbook and are, in effect, denying income to the publishers.

Items NOT Restricted by Copyright:

  • Anything within the public domain may be photocopied. This includes items published before 1922 and items published by the United States government. Authors or publishers of material that fall under copyright law may grant written permission for us to make copies in excess of the normal limit.
  • Authors, artists, composers, etc., may receive as many copies of their own work as they desire if they hold the legal copyright.

These are general guidelines which Rod Library's Photocopy Desk follows to assure adherence to copyright.  Rod Library reserves the right to invoke stricter control of photocopying than is explicitly stated in federal law.