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A description of how articles and book chapters are delivered to you is found at the bottom of the form. The more information you provide on the form, the quicker your request can be filled.

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Description of how articles or chapters are delivered to you
Library staff will locate, photocopy, and scan in-house articles and book chapters (subject to the fair use portion of the U.S. copyright law).  Once scanned, the document will be sent electronically to the student.  If Rod Library does not own the journal or magazine, an interlibrary loan request will be submitted by the library's distance learning services.  Once Rod Library receives the article, it will be sent electronically to the student whenever possible otherwise the article will be mailed or faxed to the student. Distance learners should request articles through the library's distance learning services to ensure that all requested articles (in-house and interlibrary loan) are processed quickly.

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