Book Request Form

Have you registered this semester for the library's extra distance learning services?  If not, than complete the online registration form.  Check UNISTAR to determine if Rod Library owns the book before requesting it.  A description of how books are sent to you is found at the bottom of the form.  The more information you provide on the form, the quicker your request can be filled.

Please include the following information (* indicates required information):

(Enter your 9 digit university identification number (000######) located on the front of your university ID card.)

By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

I authorize the staff of the Rod Library to check out materials to me upon my request. I agree to accept responsibility for those materials which are checked out and sent to me. I understand that responsibility extends from the time I receive the materials until they are once again received by Rod Library.

Description of how books are sent to you
Library books will be sent to distance learners through the mail. Rod Library pays for mailing the books to distance learners. Distance learners are responsible for returning books to Rod Library either by mail or by dropping them off at the library.

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