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In order to receive Rod Library's extra document delivery services, you must first register with Rod Library as a distance user. To do this, simply complete the following Registration Form.

You should register only if your place of residence is outside the greater Cedar Falls/Waterloo metropolitan area. All currently enrolled UNI students are able to access Rod Library's licensed databases from off campus.

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(Enter your 9 digit university identification number (000######) located on the front of your university ID card. Distance Learners receive a UNI ID card from the UNI Division of Continuing Education and Special Programs with their ID number printed on the front of the card.  Guided Independent Study students receive a letter with their university ID number.)


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I authorize the staff of the Rod Library to check out materials to me upon my request. I agree to accept responsibility for those materials which are checked out and sent to me. I understand that responsibility extends from the time I receive the materials until they are once again received by Rod Library.

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