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Author(s)  Witt, Nancy (Student, 1985-1988)
Title  Forensics places first
Publication  Northern Iowan
Citation  vol. 82, # 39, p. 4
Date  Feb 28, 1986
Article Type  News
Summary  Forensics team member Shelly Schnathorst took first place in persuasive speaking at the Iowa Intercollegiate Forensic Association Tournament.
Subject(s)  Forensics
 Geurink, Penny
 Hundley, Cory G. (Class of 1986)
 Leonard-Myatt, Sue
 Lex, Kimberly Ann (Class of 1989)
 Renz, Mary Ann (Communication Studies Faculty)
 Riehl, Tom
 Saville, Kevin J. (Class of 1987)
 Schnathorst, Shelley L. (Class of 1988)
 Soukup, Ellen Louise (Class of 1987)
 Weeks, Julia A. (Class of 1986)