Distance Learning

UNI offers graduate and undergraduate degrees via distance learning, primarily to Iowa students. Some programs may require on-campus attendance; some are offered entirely at a distance. Many programs utilize the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) and online instruction. Delivery of ICN programs is limited to the state of Iowa.

Rod Library is committed to giving UNI distance learners access to the Library's print and electronic collections in a timely manner so that students can successfully complete course assignments and university degrees without having to travel to campus.

Library services for distance learners include a variety of extra document delivery services. Rod Library staff can locate, check out, and send in-house books. Rod Library staff can also locate, photocopy, scan, and e-mail in-house articles and will attempt to interlibrary loan articles not owned by Rod Library. All enrolled students have remote access into Rod Library's licensed databases many of which contain some full text information (e.g., complete articles, full text statistical information, or photographs). Distance learners also can receive help with getting started in their research. Students may schedule a library consultation on specific research topics.

To qualify for Rod Library's distance library services you have to be currently enrolled and taking at least one class (web-based, off-campus, or Iowa Communications Network - ICN) through the Division of Continuing Education and Special Programs. You must live greater than 20 miles from the UNI campus.

Rod Library

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