Research At The Rod

  • Set up RSS feeds and/or email alerts for searches, journals, and Tables of Contents. 
    Take advantage of databases that will alert you when your topic is covered in newly published articles. See Alerts and RSS Feeds in Databases
  • Identify scholarly articles
    Journal or magazine? recognizing the differences
  • Subject Guides
    Guides to Rod Library reference materials by subject.
  • Find journals
    • Find journals (if you know the title of the journal) by performing a Journal Title search in UNISTAR
    • Find journals if the topic (subject) is known by selecting (1) Advanced Search in UNISTAR (2) select Subject from the drop-down menu and type in your topic and (3) select Periodicals or E-journals from the Publication Type menu.  You may also do a Keyword search and limit by UNI Period in the Location.  Click here to see screenshots illlustrating this.
    • Ask a Reference librarian.
  • Find Journal Articles
    • See Subjects A-Z (PantherProwler) under the Articles tab to identify databases in your area.  You may search all the databases with check marks at once by filling in the search form or you may click on an individual database to search.
    • You may go directly to individual databases by selecting them from the Databases A-Z listing under the Articles tab.
  • Find Books
    • UNISTAR UNI System to Access Resources (our catalog). Located under the Library Catalog tab. Click here for more information on using UNISTAR.

  • Style Guides available at Rod Library
  • Use EndNote to create citations and make your life easier.