Collection Management

Although final purchase decisions are made by subject bibliographers, we depend on input from the teaching faculty to keep us abreast of changing curricular and research needs.  We encourage your participation in the collection management process.

Library Liaisons

The library liaison program is designed to enhance communication between the Library and the academic departments of the University.  Each academic department selects at least one faculty member to serve as a library liaison.  Departments with a variety of programs or divisions may appoint more than one liaison.  Your department head can tell you who represents your department, or you may check the list of liaisons available on the CM&SS web site at

The library liaison is responsible for communicating departmental needs and interests to the Library.  The liaison is the official contact for the Library faculty who serve as subject bibliographers.  The liaison also serves as the Library's primary contact person for the dissemination of information about library policies, new programs, and special resources.

Submitting Requests

Some departments choose to funnel all recommendations for library materials through the liaison; in other departments, individuals send their requests directly to the Collection Management and Special Services Department or the appropriate subject bibliographer.  You may submit recommendations for monographs and audio-visual resources in the following ways:

By submitting lists of titles, or publishers' advertisements and catalogs in which you have marked your suggestions.  If you wish, these lists will be returned to you once they have been checked against library records.

By sending an email recommending particular titles to the Head of the Collection Management and Special Services Department ( or the appropriate Subject Bibliographer.

You may also place a recommendation using UNISTAR on the library homepage  Click on UNISTAR, then click on “Contact the Library” and then select “Recommend for Purchase.”

Recommendations for titles to be placed on reserve for a particular course should be submitted directly to the Reserve Desk at the MultiService Center.

Suggestions for periodicals, newspapers, indexes, and abstracts in print, non-print, and electronic formats are also welcome. To recommend titles, use the UNISTAR “Recommend for Purchase” form or contact the CMSS Department or the appropriate subject bibliographer.

Additional information about subject bibliographers, library liaisons, and Collection Management & Special Services policies is available on the web at

If you have any questions about these procedures, or if you would like to discuss any aspect of collection management in your discipline, please contact Kate Martin, Head of Collection Management and Special Services (ext. 3-7255), or the appropriate subject bibliographer. A list of subject bibliographers can be found at