Jerry V. Caswell

Jerry V. Caswell

Mailing Address:

Rod Library
University of Northern Iowa
1227 West 27th Street
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Position: Head of Library Information Technologies
Office Location: LIB 239
Telephone: (319) 273-7059


  • Administer the staff and programs of the Library Information Technologies Department.
  • Facilitate increased integration of electronic resources through gateways, interface development, metasearching, and context sensitive reference linking.
  • Plan new and/or enhanced uses of technology consistent with university objectives and industry standards.
  • Administer Millennium library management system, Xerxes user interface, MetaLib, SFX, ContentDM, Drupal, Apache, and database servers.
  • Administer local area network and desktop applications for more than two hundred and fifty PCs and thirty laptops.
  • Administer cable plant and connections to the Internet.

Research Interests:

Resource integration via gateways, user interface integration, research databases.


Ph.D., Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985

M.A., Library Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1972

M.A., American History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1968

B.A., English and Classical Literature, Brandeis University, 1963


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