College Writing & Research (Grant)

Course Web Page

Rod Library Home Page:

  • Ask Us! links on right and left sides - IM, text, email, call, stop by, research consultation
  • General Information heading on left side of screen - About Us/Building Hours, Floor Plans, Research Help/Tutorials
  • Center headings: Articles, Books & More, Course Reserves

Search Tips Applicable to Many Databases

  • Search planning: (1)concise topic; (2)identify concepts in topic; (3) come up with words to express each concept
  • Many databases require using double quotations to get exact phrases: "King Corn"
  • Connecting search terms with AND means that all must be present somewhere in search results - narrows search
  • Connecting related terms with OR means at least one of terms must be present - broadens search
  • Use asterisk to get variations in word endings:  farm* retrieves farm, farms, farmer, etc.
  • Search in specific fields,  like Titles and Subjects, to get more precise results
  • Database help screens when practice seem to differ from above

Finding Books & More - Use UNISTAR, the Library Catalog

  • Basic, Advanced, and Specialized search forms
  • Author, Title, and Journal Title indexes for known items
  • Keyword and Subject indexes to find items on a topic
  • Need Location and call number to find physical items in the Rod Library Building

Find a Journal or Locate a Known Article

  • Use this heading to find out if Library has a certain journal in print or online format
  • Use the Article Locator or Google Scholar, if you already have a citation to an article and want to see if the full text is in a library database or free on the Internet

Finding Articles in Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, and Other Publications

  • Journal or Magazine? Recognizing the Difference (audience, worked cited, peer-reviewed, etc.)
  • Articles section of  Library home page
  • View a list of databases A-Z , to select a specific database to search
  • View Databases by Subject
  • Academic OneFile has journals, magazines, newspapers; all broad subject areas
  • Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center includes articles and other pub types with arguments on major issues
  • CQ Researcher includes reports with articles, including pro and con debates, on major issues
  • LexisNexis Academic includes articles from newspapers and magazines on wide range of topics

Evaluating Sources As You Search

Stan Lyle, October 28, 2009