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UNISTAR (Use to find books)

Use UNISTAR, the Rod Library's online catalog, to identify and locate BOOKS and other resources about educational research owned by the Rod Library. UNISTAR may be found under the Books & More tab on the Rod Library home page.  Rod Library uses the Library of Congress Subject Headings which group items by subject. Therefore, if you find one book on your topic there will be other books on the same topic nearby on the shelves.

Databases - (Use to find articles)

Information concerning topics in education research can be found in a number of scholarly and popular journals and magazines. The following Rod Library databases are most useful in finding journal articles in this area. Many Rod Library  electronic resources contain the full text to articles. The databases listed below are located on the Databases A-Z listing under the Articles tab on the  Library home page.  The “*” symbol located next to the database name in the list below designates that the database contains at least some full text articles.

Academic OneFile*
Rod Library Databases A-Z   page.
Academic OneFile is from the service provider InfoTrac. The database covers a wide range of subjects, including recreation and leisure services.  Many articles are available full text within the database. Click on the "Check Library Catalog" button at the bottom of the records that do not have "text" or "pdf" to determine if the Rod Libray owns the article in print or full text in another database.

Education Full Text*
Rod Library Databases A-Z   page.   
Indexes articles in education from 1983 to the present.   Some full text artilces are available online.  Some full text articles are available online indicated by the "Y" in the "TXI" field.  Click on the "Check Library Catalog for Holdings" button at the bottom of each record to determine if the Rod Library owns the article in print or full text in another database.

Rod Library Databases A-Z   page.
Indexes journal articles and documents in educatIon from 1966 to the present.  An alternate free access point is AskERIC (  The full text of recent ERIC Documents (ED items) are available through the Rod Library's restricted ERIC database.  Look for the "DL" field (DL: http://........) in the retrieved record. None of the EJ (ERIC journal artices) are full text in ERIC but many of the articles can be found full text in the Education Full Text database.

Rod Library Databases A-Z   page.     
Indexes the psychological literature form 1998 to the present.  For the most part this is not a full text database. A few articles that are full text in other Rod Library electronic systems (e.g., ScienceDirect) can be accessed  by clicking on a link in the PsycINFO record. Click on the "Check Library Catalog for Holdings" button at the bottom of each record to determine if the Rod Library owns the article in print or full text in another database.

  • Dissertations

Dissertations & Theses: A&I (Proquest)
Disserations & Theses @ University of Northern Iowa (Proquest)
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

  • News Articles

LexisNexis Academic*
Newspaper Source
Wall Street Journal*

  • Statistics

LexisNexis Statistical Insight *


Listed below are e-journals related educational research that the Rod Library owns.  Some of the e-journals are through a publisher's database and some are through an aggregator (third party vendor).  In some cases, you can browse the electronic journal as you would the print. In other cases, you will have to search the database for articles from a particular journal usually in an "advance search" or "search builder" mode.  The Rod Library has access to journals in a variety of formats. To identify whether or the Rod Library has a journal in print or electronic format, conduct a title search in UNISTAR using the name of the journal.


Listed below are e-books related to educational research found in the library's NetLibrary database.  All of the NetLibrary e-books have UNISTAR records that will indicate that they are in NetLibrary. You can do a UNISTAR "Keyword" search to find more ebooks. For example, you can conduct the search, educat* and netlibrary.


In recent years, more information has been placed on the Internet.  Listed below are several representative web sites related to education. 

Associations & Organizations

Listed below are links to some associations & organizations related to education.


Listed below are internet directories related to education.

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