Japan (HUM 3122)
Professor Cyndi Dunn

Identifying Reliable International News Sources on the Internet

Do web search and evaluate individual sites
Web Site Evaluation Guide

Consult lists compiled by authoritative organizations: research institutes, universities, etc.
Stanford University Japan Guide: News & Media
JGuide (Stanford University)
Directory of online sources in and about Japan, arranged by topic. Ongoing project of Stanford University. The focus is sources about Japan in English. "More about JGuide" explains the history, scope, and sponsorship of the service.

Consult published directories of news sources
Benn's Media
UNI Reference P88.8 .B46

Consult essays or reviews about specific news sources
World Press Encyclopedia: A Survey of Press Systems Worldwide
UNI Reference PN4728 .W67 2003

Report on Japan cites newspaper circulation figures from World Press Trends.

Consult free directories of newspapers on the Internet:
Daily Earth, the Global Newspaper Directory.
Evaluate free sources and consider their currency and possible bias in listed sources.


News Sources from Japan: Newspapers

Look for broad subject tabs - such as National, Sports, and Business - and site search boxes on these newspaper sites.

Daily Yomiuri Shimbun
Asahi Shimbun
Mainichi Daily News
Nikkei Net: Japan Business News Online
English versions of four of the highest circulation newspapers in Japan.

The Japan Times
Prominent English language Japanese newspaper.

Kyodo News
News service distributed to Japanese newspapers and radio and television stations. English version distributed to various news services and international organizations. "Kyodo covers Japan and the rest of the world from Japanese and Asian viewpoints."

News roundups from various source:
News on Japan
Daily news summary from various Japanese and non-Japanese sources. News arranged by broad categories such as Economy, Society, Education, and Sports.
Japan Echo
Articles from various Japanese news sources.


News Sources from Japan: Radio, TV, Podcasts

These include text, video, and audio.

NHK Radio Japan and Podcast
"The latest news occuring in Japan and around the world."

NHK World News (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation)

News Sources About Japan
(and Asia) Published in Major International Sources

Asia Times: Japan
Looks at issues from Asian Perspective. Published in Hong Kong.

BBC News Asia Pacific (British Broadcasting)

CNN.com Asia

Financial Times: Japan

International Herald Tribune

New York Times: Japan

This British source covers major news events around the world. Country Briefings include some news stories and a profile with information such as the political and economic outlook.

Google News Advanced Search
Advanced News search form includes capability to return articles related to a certain location.

News and Other Country Information from International Organizations

International organizations such as these provide background information about the country and details related to each organization's particular areas of interest.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

International Monetary Fund

News Databases Purchased by Rod Library

The following databases contains Japan-related news from Japanese and non-Japanese sources. They can be accessed from the Rod Library home page under the Databases A-A heading in the middle of the page.

LexisNexis Academic

Stan Lyle, Rod Library, Sept. 7, 2012