Research and Evaluation in Leisure Services

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Table of Contents:

Demographic Information

Census Services (Sociology Department -- Iowa State University)
State of Iowa census data

Iowa Census Data Tables  (Iowa State Library)
The state data center program in the State Library of Iowa maintains a web site of Iowa demographic and economic statistics.

U.S. Census Bureau (United States Department of Commerce)
U.S. Census Bureau home page

American FactFinder (U.S. Census Bureau)
Data access tool - New interactive database engine for census and economic information.

Summary Population and Housing
UNI Doc Ref C3.223/18:990 CPH-1-17

General Population Characteristics
UNI Doc Ref C2.223/6:990 CP-1-17

Other Demographic Information

Iowa Department of Economic Development
Look under the sections "Business" and then "Buildings and Sites"

Iowa Economy Iowa Workforce
Development Economic News and Trends

Iowa Rural Development Council

Iowa Travel/Tourism
Look at the "Travel Industry" and "Industry Research" sections

General Housing Characteristics
UNI Docs Ref C3.224/3:990 CH-1-17

Population and Housing Characteristics (Iowa, outside metro areas)
UNI Docs Ref C3.223.11L990 CPH-3-17

Summary Population and Housing
UNI Doc Ref C3.223/18:990 CPH-1-17

General Population Characteristics
UNI Doc Ref C2.223/6:990 CP-1-17

Site Selection Analysis

Iowa Geographic Map Server
Free access to Iowa geographic map data.

Iowa Geographic Image Map Server (Digital Aerial Photographs and U.S.G.S. Topographic Maps)
Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads (DOQQs) and U.S.G.S. Topographic Maps

Geosam Iowa Department of Natural Resources: Geological Survey
Geosam is the Iowa Geological Survey Bureau's (GSB) geologic site and sample tracking program.

Natural Resources Geographic Information System (NRGIS - Iowa Department of Natural Resources)
The purpose of the NRGIS is to improve the availability, integration, and analysis of natural resource information and improve decisions regarding the management, development and protection of Iowa's natural resources.

Iowa Rural Development Council     

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Geologic Survey      

Topographic Maps
Map Cases. (Maps arranged by state, alphabetical by quadrangle.)

Soil Survey of Black Hawk County
Docs A57.38:B 56

Climates of the States
Ref QC983 C55

Cimatological Data: Iowa
Docs C55.214/14:109

Supply Analysis 

CedarNet (Includes information on various recreational activities in the Cedar Valley region.)
Community Organizations

Cedar Falls - Recreation, Park & Art, Recreation Division
Waterloo - City of Waterloo Leisure Services, Sports

Other Useful Reference Books in Which to Find Good Information About Cedar Falls or Waterloo

ACCRA Cost of Living Index
Ref HD 6983 A482 2002

Condition of Employment
Ref HD 5725 I8 A4923 2002

County Business Patterns (Iowa and rest of U.S.)
Docs C3.204/3-17

County and City Data Book
Ref HA 202 A35 2000

Demographics USA City Edition
Ref HF 5415.3 D46 1997

Gale City and Metro Rankings Reporter
Ref HT 123 G25 1994

Geographic Reference Report: Annual Report of Costs, Wages, Salaries, and Human Resources Statistics U.S. & Canada
Ref HD 6983 G38 2003

Iowa Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing Directory
Ref Desk HF 5065 I8 158 2002/2003

Iowa Population and Labor Force Projections
Ref HD 5725 I8 162 1993-96

Iowa Sportsman's Atlas     Map
Ref G 1431.E63 S66 1996

Iowa's Counties
Ref HA 375 I69 2001

Labor Force Data (Iowa)
Ref HD 5725 I8 A497 and electronic

The Lifestyle Market Analyst
Ref HF 5415.33.U6 L54 1997

Markets of the U.S. for Business Planners
Ref HC 106.8 M333 1996

Places, Towns, and Townships
Ref HT 123 P552 1998

Profiles of America - Midwest Region
Ref HT 123 P7624 1995

State Profile - Iowa
Ref HC 107.I7 I5 2002


Listed below are e-journals related to leisure, youth and human services that Rod Library owns.  Some of the e-journals are accessed directly through a publisher and some are accessed through an aggregator (third party vendor).  In some cases, you can browse the electronic journal as you would the print version. In other cases, you will have to search the database (e.g., Business & Company Resource Center) for articles from a particular journal usually in an "Advanced Search" mode.  Rod Library has access to journals in a variety of formats. To identify whether or not Rod Library has a journal in print or electronic format, conduct a "Journal Title" search in UNISTAR using the name of the journal.

Annals of Tourism Research (ScienceDirect)

Australian Journal of Hospitality Management (Academic OneFile)

Environment, Development & Sustainability (SpringerLink)

Hospitality Design (Business & Company Resource Center)

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (Emerald Library)

International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration (Haworth Online)

International Journal of Hospitality Management (Science Direct)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Academic OneFile)

Journal of Leisure Research (Academic OneFile)

Journal of Park and Recreation Administration (Sagamore)

Journal of Rural Studies (ScienceDirect)

Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Multilingual Matters)

Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism (Haworth Online)

Journal of Travel Research (Academic OneFile)

Leisure and Hospitality Business (Business & Company Resource Center)

Leisure Sciences (Informaworld)

Leisure Studies (Informaworld)

Leisure Travel News (Business & Company Resource Center)

Leisure Week (Business & Company Resource Center)

Lodging Hospitality (ABI/INFORM Global)

Tourism & Hospitality Research (ABI/INFORM Global)

Tourism Management (ScienceDirect)

World Leisure Journal (World Leisure)

DATABASES - (Use to find articles)

Information concerning leisure, youth, and human services can be found in a number of scholarly and popular journals and magazines. The following Rod Library databases are most useful in finding journal articles in this area. Many Rod Library  electronic resources contain the full text to articles. Select the desired database  from the Databases A-Z listing under Articles tab on the Rod Library home page.  Use the alphabetical Browse list to select the appropriate title. The “*” symbol located next to the database name in the list below designates that the database contains at least some full text articles.

Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Covers the sciences including the social sciences. Many articles are found full text in the database.

Academic OneFile*
Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Academic OneFile is from the service provider InfoTrac. The database covers a wide range of subjects, including recreation and leisure services.  Many articles are available full text within the database. Click on the "Find It" button at the bottom of the records that do not have "text" or "pdf" to determine if Rod Library owns the article in print or if the article is available full text in another database.

Ingenta Connect Complete*
Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.

SPORT Discus
Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Indexes articles form 1975 to the present in sports, physical fitness, sport science & recreation.  The database includes ATLANTES, Catalogue du Musee Olympique, and HERACLES. Click on the "Find It" button at the bottom of each record to determine if the Rod Library owns the article in print or if it is full text in another database.

Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Indexes the psychological literature from 1887 to the present.  For the most part this is not a full text database. A few articles that are full text in other Rod Library electronic systems (e.g., ScienceDirect) can be accessed  by clicking on a link in the PsycINFO record. Click on the "Find It" button at the bottom of each record to determine if the Rod Library owns the article in print or if it is full text in another database.

Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Indexes articles form 1982 to the present in nursing and allied health and has some overlap with topics in recreation and leisure services.

Education Full Text*
Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Indexes articles in education from 1983 to the present.   Some full text articles are available online.

Rod Library Databases A-Z  page.
Indexes journal articles and documents in education from 1966 to the present.  An alternate free access point is ERIC - Institute of Educational Sciences, U.S. Department of Education (  The full text of ERIC Documents (ED items) are available through the ERIC database. None of the EJ items (ERIC journal articles) are available full text in ERIC but many of the articles can be found full text in the Education Full Text database.

National Recreation Database

Tourism Materials - Michigan State University Extension


Dissertations & Theses: A&I (Proquest)

Disserations & Theses @ University of Northern Iowa (Proquest)

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

News Articles

LexisNexis Academic

Newspaper Source

Wall Street Journal


LexisNexis Statistical Insight 

UNISTAR (Use to find books)

Use UNISTAR, the Rod Library's online catalog, to identify and locate BOOKS and other resources about tourism owned by the Rod Library. Rod Library uses the Library of Congress Subject Headings which group items by subject. Therefore, if you find one book on your topic there will be other books on the same topic nearby on the shelves. You will also want to use UNISTAR to determine if the UNI Rod Library has access to a specific journal either in print or electronically. For articles that you found were not full text in the database you were searching, do a "Journal Title" search (Title of the journal/magazine) in UNISTAR to determine if the Rod Library has full text access to the journal title. Remember UNISTAR does not go down to the article level but you can determine if the Rod Library subscribes to the journal and were it is located.

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