Information Resources on Domestic and International Human Rights

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Human Rights Information Starting Points
Non-Governmental Organizations
Newspapers and News Sources
Domestic and International Law
Domestic and International Statistics
Finding Journal Articles
Selected Periodicals
Other Resources
Finding Dissertations
Supporting Resources
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Human Rights Information Starting Points

Universal Voices: Online Human Rights Internet Guide
A guide developed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to sources of human rights information on the Web. Sites are listed in 8 categories, including general human rights, children, humanitarian assistance, human rights lesson plans, and international justice.

Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet
This directory, developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, provides links to independently maintained human rights sites throughout the Internet. You may search the directory using terms you choose, or you may browse the resources by site name, topics, geographic area, and language.

Human Rights Links
This Web site developed by Derechos Human Rights is a useful starting point for individuals new to human rights activism and research. Hundreds of Web resources are accessible through 15 categories, including campaigns & actions, directories, discussion fora, general Web sites, issues, international organizations, law, NGOs, publications, and resources & tools. The Derechos Human Rights organization has adopted as its mandate the world-wide promotion and protection of human rights, international humanitarian law, and the right to privacy as well as the “struggle against impunity for violators of human rights.”

Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota
The Web page of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center Library provides a wide-ranging collection of human rights documents and Web links. Over 10,000 core human rights documents, including 238 human rights treaties, may be accessed through the Human Rights Documents and Materials section of the page. Follow the LINKS to over 3,600 other sites for links to international and nongovernmental organizations, regional resources, and resources organized in topical categories (including children, indigenous peoples, international criminal tribunals, refugee and aid, responses to September 11, 2001, and trade). Also notable are the directories of electronic publications and human rights listservs. The page offers a unique human rights search engine for specialized searching of multiple human right sites. Consult the Other Information section of the page for additional resources, including access to the full text of the Training Manual for Human Rights Monitoring developed by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Example: Center for Democracy & Technology

The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights
The Web page of The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR), a multi-disciplinary center sponsoring activities designed to consider “the problems and prospects of human rights at home and abroad, with particular attention given to economic, social, and cultural rights.” Consult the Resources section for links to human rights documents, research guides, news sources, nongovernmental organizations, and centers at other academic institutions. Learn about local human rights activities and educational opportunities through the Activities and Events sections of the site. Also accessible through the page is the UICHR Human Rights Index, numerical indices of the status of human rights throughout the world, gathered by those affiliated with the Center.

Lawson, E. (1996). Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: Taylor & Francis. UNI Reference JC 571 E67 1996
This 1,700-page compendium defines human rights concepts, describes the activities of human rights international organizations, and discusses human rights in 186 countries. The full text or excerpts of general human rights documents are presented under their full official titles, while documents dealing with specific aspects of human rights are presented under the relevant subject. The articles often include bibliographies. A human rights glossary begins on page 1657 and an appendix presents a chronological list of international human rights instruments. Subject index.

Langley, W. E. (1999). Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945.Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. UNI Reference JC 571 L2747 1999
One- to two-page essays on major human rights issues, incidents, events, people, organizations, and instruments. Appendices present names and addresses of selected human rights groups and the full texts of the International Bill of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Subject index.

Gorman, R. F., & Mihalkanin, E. S. (1997). Historical Dictionary of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organizations. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.
UNI Reference JC 571 G655 1997
Provides succinct descriptions of the intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations engaged in the global network of humanitarian and human rights work. Presents a convenient list of acronyms and abbreviations as well as a timeline of twentieth-century human rights events (through 1995). Appendices present the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Optional Protocol.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations Research Guide
Compiled by the Duke University’s Public Documents and Map Department of Perkins Library, this page provides links to NGOs which focus on environmentally sustainable development, human rights, or women; produce research publications; or are large, influential organizations.  You may browse the full list of NGOs or consult the listings organized by issue, geography, affiliation, or data collection activities.

United Nations System of Organization: Official Web Site Locator
This site serves as an alphabetical and thematic portal to the Web sites of the UN and its  funds, programs, and specialized agencies.  Also provides links to projects, initiatives, and joint programs of the UN system.

Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota
Provides links to the Web sites of international and nongovernmental organizations through the LINKS to option.

Example: Human Rights Watch

Hedblad, A. (Ed.). (2004). Encyclopedia of Associations (40th ed.). Detroit, MI: Gale.
UNI Reference Desk AS 22 E5  (Next latest Acquistions Dept.; third latest in Stacks)
A guide to over 22,000 nonprofit membership associations in the United States.  International associations are included if their focus is North America or if they are binational, representing a direct link between the U.S. and another country or region.  Each entry includes the organization’s name; address, phone, email, and primary Web site; founding date; number of members; purposes and activities; libraries; affiliations; publications; and other information.  Association entries are listed in one of 18 subject categories and a comprehensive alphabetical name and keyword index is provided in part 3 of the set.

Hedblad, A. (Ed.) (2004).  Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations (40th ed.). Detroit, MI: Gale.
UNI Reference AS 8 E53  (Next latest Acquistions Dept.; third latest in Stacks)
A guide to over 24,000 international nonprofit membership organizations, including multinational, binational, and national organizations based outside the United States.

Union of International Associations (Ed.). (2003/04). Yearbook of International Organizations (40th ed.). Munich: Saur.
UNI Reference JX 1904 A42
A guide to over 25,000 international organizations, including intergovernmental, nongovernmental, and nonprofit organizations.  Each entry provides contact information; describes the group’s history, purpose, and activities; and lists members.  A convenient way to identify all member countries of various intergovernmental organizations.  Organized alphabetically by organization name.

Hedblad, A. (Ed.). (2004).  Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State, and Local Organizations: South Central and Great Plains States (15th ed.). Detroit, MI: Gale.
UNI Reference AS 28 S68  (Latest edition. in Reference, earlier in Stacks)
Contact and descriptive information is given for any Iowa affiliates, chapters, and branches of the organizations described in the United States volumes of the Encyclopedia of Associations.  Nine other states are included.  The volumes are organized by state and then by city.  The name and keyword index at the end of the volume enables you to search by association’s purpose.


Newspapers and News Sources

LexisNexis Academic
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.
LexisNexis provides full-text access to hundreds of newspapers and other news sources published throughout the world, including wire service reports, newsletters, radio and television transcripts, and magazines.  Use the Guided News Search option for more comprehensive searching.

Ethnic News Watch
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.
Provides full-text access to news, current events, culture, and history from more than 200 publications of the ethnic, minority, and native presses in the United States.  You may choose the Words in Articles option to search by keyword or choose the Subject(s) search option to access a controlled subject thesaurus of 1,200 terms which are standard throughout the database.
Developed by Web Wombat, this site provides links to thousands of online newspapers produced throughout the world.  The online newspapers are organized geographically as well as by title. A valuable resource for identifying and then linking to newspapers in their language of publication.

Newspapers (The Internet Public Library)
Provides access to online newspapers from 171 countries and the United States.  This site is part of the Internet Public Library, an online resource developed by the University of Michigan School of Information.

OneWorld United States
This site gathers together country-specific human rights news in the original language of publication for all regions of the world.  Registered as a charitable organization in the United Kingdom, OneWorld International Federation is “dedicated to harnessing the democratic potential of the internet to promote human rights and sustainable development.”  One may access the reports by using the OneWorld search engine or by browsing the topical or regional categories.

Today’s Front Pages (Newseum)
Click on Today’s Front Pages to retrieve thumbnail versions of over 200 front pages of newspapers in their original language of publication from over 20 countries.  To enlarge each thumbnail, click on it.  The pages are posted by 9:30 a.m. CDT, seven days a week.  Currently available under the War in Iraq: Front Pages option are the March 20, 2003 front pages from over 200 U.S. and international newspapers.  Today’s Front Pages is an online version of  Freedom Forum’s popular Newseum exhibit, the front pages of 68 of the world’s newspapers displayed under Plexiglas outdoors at Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street in Washington, D.C.   Freedom Forum is a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free speech and a free press which funds the Newseum, an interactive museum of news located in Washington, D.C.


Domestic and International Law

American Society of International Law

Constitutions of the Countries of the World
UNI Reference    K342.01 .B55

Global Legal Information Network (Library of Congress)

Hieros Gamos

International Law and World Order: Basic Documents
UNI Reference    JX68 .I496

Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia
UNI Reference    K48 .L44 2002

LexisNexis Academic
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.

LLRX Comparative and Foreign Law Guides

LLRX International Law Guides

Statutes at Large
UNI Documents    AE 2.111:


Treaties in Force
UNI Reference    JX235.9 .A33 (earlier in UNI Docs S 9.14: )

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949
UNI Documents    S 9.12/2:

United States Code Annotated
UNI Reference    KF62 .U5

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
UNI Documents    S 9.12:

Yearbook of the United Nations
UNI Reference    JX1977.A37 Y4 (some older in Stacks)


Domestic and International Statistics

American Community Survey

American FactFinder (U.S. Census)

American Statistics Index
UNI Docs Index    Z7554.U5 A4

Demographic Yearbook
UNI Reference    HA17 .D45 (older in Stacks)

Europa World Year Book
UNI Reference    JN1 .E85 (older in Stacks, prior title Europa Year Book)


Instat: International Statistics Sources
UNI Reference    HA155 .I58 1995 

International Yearbook and Statesmen’s Who’s Who
UNI Reference    JA51 .I57 (older in Stacks)

LexisNexis Statistical Insight
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.

State of the World’s Children
UNI Stacks    RJ101 .S7

State of the World’s Refugees
UNI Reference    HV640 .S675 (older in Stacks)

Statesman’s Year-book
UNI Reference    JA51 .S7 (older in Stacks)

Statistical Abstract of the United States
UNI Reference    HA202 .U58
1995- available online

Statistical Abstract of the World
UNI Reference HA154 .S68

Statistical Handbook on the World’s Children
UNI Reference   HQ 767.9 .K38 2002

Statistical Yearbook
UNI Reference    HA12.5 .U63 (10 years in Reference, older in Stacks)

World’s Women, 2000: Trends and Statistics
UNI Reference HQ1154 .W95 2000


Budget of the United States Government
UNI Reference    HJ2051 .A59

Europa World Year Book
UNI Reference    JN1 .E85 (older in stacks, prior title Europa Year Book)

Iowa Financial Summary
UNI Reference HJ11 .I843 (earlier in Stacks; title varies)

World Factbook (CIA)
UNI Reference    G123 .W67 (earlier in UNI Docs  PrEx 3.15: )
Also available at


Finding Journal Articles

PAIS International (1972-     ; updated monthly)
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.
Earlier years available: Bulletin of the Public Affairs Information Service.
UNI Index/Abstract H 96 P88 (1915- September 1972)
An interdisciplinary index to the literature of public policy, social issues, government, and international relations throughout the world.Among the publications indexed are articles from over 1,000 journals, books, government documents, statistical compilations, and reports of public, intergovernmental, and private organizations. In addition to English-language publications, publications in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish are indexed.

Academic OneFile  (1980- )
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.
This multidisciplinary database provides citations, abstracts, and, often the full text of articles from humanities, social science, and physical science journals as well as from current event magazines. Among the titles are journals in philosophy, political science, psychology, public policy, social work, and sociology. Also of interest to human rights researchers is coverage of regional publications such as Americas (OAS),Beijing Review, European Report, and Latin American Politics and Society.

International Political Science Abstracts
UNI Index/Abstract JA 1 .A1I951 -
Indexes and abstracts political science journals and yearbooks published throughout the world. Published six times a year. Each issue contains a subject index and the final issue of each annual volume contains an author index as well as a cumulative subject index for that year.

Provides access to tables of content, abstracts, and full-text articles from more than 2,500 journals published by Springer.  The Search For feature at the SpringerLink page searches your term(s) in all the journals covered (note: Rod Library does not subscribe to all Springer journals). For more advanced searching, select the Advanced Search button to right of the Search For window.  Or use the Browse feature to look through the journals published by Springer and to select articles of interest.


Selected Periodicals

Buffalo Human Rights Law Review     

Columbia Human Rights Law Review  

Critical Criminology (continues Journal of Human Justice)   

Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals AS 4 D56 no. 1, 1953-

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

Harvard Human Rights Journal

Health and Human Rights
UNI Periodicals RA 394 H38 v.1, 1994/95-

Human Rights Brief     

Human Rights Case Digest      

Human Rights Quarterly          

International Affairs  (Royal Institute of International Affairs)
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1 J68   (1944)-(1946), (1948), v.32 (1956)-

International Studies Review
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals D 839 I56 v.2, 2000-

Journal of Conflict Resolution (Journal of the Peace Science Society (International))
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1901 J68  v.9, 1965-

Journal of Ethics

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals RA 395 A3J68 v.9, 1984 - v.27, 2002)

Journal of Intergroup Relations
UNI Periodicals HN 51 .J68  (for 1959/60-1966).   HN 51 .J682  ( for 1970/72-)

Journal of International Affairs
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1 J6  v.6, 1952-

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals H 97 J68 v.1, 1981-

Journal of Social Issues
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals HN 51 J 687 v.1, 1945-

Philosophy and Public Affairs
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals  H1 P54 v.1, 1971-

Philosophy and Social Criticism
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals B 1 C84  v.5, 1978- . 

Policy Studies Journal
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals H 96 P66 v.6, 1977/78-

Review of Policy Research       
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals H 96 P67 v.19, 2002-

Security Dialogue (International Peace Research Institute)         
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1901 B83 v.23, 1992-

Social Policy
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals HN 51 S54 v.1, 1970/71-

Texas Forum on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights  

United Nations Chronicle         
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1977 A1U564 1996- v.33-.

World Affairs  (American Peace Society)
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals JX 1901 W77  v.133, 1970/71-

World Opinion Update
UNI Periodicals D 839 W568 v.1, 1977-

World Policy Journal
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals D 839 W5687  v.1, 1983-

World Politics
Also in paper at: UNI Periodicals D 839 W57 v.1, 1948-


Other Resources

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (U.S. Department of State) (1999 - most recent)  (1993-1999)
UNI Documents Y 4.In 8/16-15: (1994-) (in paper)
UNI Documents Y 4.F 76/1-15: (1977-1993) (in paper)

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Oxford University Press)

Foreign Government Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)

Foreign Governments (Northwestern University)

Foreign Relations of the United States
UNI Documents S1.1: (Some years available online at )

Google’s Uncle Sam

International Agencies and Information on the Web (University of Michigan)

International Governmental Organizations (Northwestern University)

Keesing's Record of World Events
UNI Reference    D410 .K4

Finding Dissertations

Dissertations & Theses: A& I (ProQest)
Rod Library Databases A-Z page.
Search by author, keyword, subject, or additional ways to identify relevant doctoral dissertations and master's theses. Citations for dissertations published from 1980 forward include 350-word abstracts, while citations for master's theses from 1988 forward include 150-word abstracts.In addition, online access is provided to twenty-four page previews of dissertations and theses submitted from 1997 to the present.Over 1.6 million records total.

Supporting Resources

Librarians at Rod Library have compiled this Web page to provide convenient access to definitions of plagiarism and tips for recognizing and avoiding plagiarism. Links are given for the UNI policies on plagiarism and to guides developed at other universities.

Evaluating Resources
For links to discussions of how to evaluate the validity and reliability of information and, in particular, information found through the World Wide Web, consult this listing of Web pages compiled by Rod Library librarians.

Interlibrary Loan
One may use Rod Library’s Interlibrary Loan service to obtain needed books, articles, microforms, and other materials which are not in the Rod Library collections. This Web page describes the scope of the Interlibrary Loan service and outlines eligibility.

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