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The sources on this guide are a sample of important print and online resources. They include books at Rod Library, online sources to which Rod Library subscribes, and other web sources which at this time are free or partially free. Call numbers are listed under the titles of print sources available at the library. Underlined titles can be accessed via the web. If accessing a Rod Library subscription database from off campus, you will be prompted for your last name and UNI ID number.

Other Library User Guides go into more detail on finding information on topics such as accounting, companies, economics, finance, financial ratios, industries, management, and marketing.

Some of the databases on this guide also are available through the Rod Library Business Portal.

Finding Books top

Use UNISTAR, the Rod Library online catalog, to identify books and other resources on the various aspects of international business and economics. A wide range of subject headings can be used to find information about the various topics covered in courses at UNI. Here are examples of relevant headings to try in the UNISTAR Subject index:

Another approach is to use the UNISTAR Keywords index to look for terms which may occur in titles and contents notes as well as in subject headings. For example, this search - doing business and mexic* - retrieves records with the phrase "doing business" as well as words beginning with "mexic." (The asterisk allows retrieval of all words beginning with mexic, namely, Mexico, Mexican, etc.) The Keywords index also is good for finding specialized or new terms that might be in titles but not in subject headings.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Guides top

The Rod Library reference collection includes various specialized foreign language dictionaries and other types of reference books that focus on international business.

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management
UNI Reference HD30.15 .B455 2005
Volume 6 covers international management.

Dictionary of Asia Pacific Business Terms
UNI Reference HF 1001.T25 2004
Provides definitions of terminology used in Asia Pacific business and by international organizations such as the World Bank.

Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms
UNI Reference HF1373.G66 2003
Contains definitions of terms routinely used in trade negotiations. Appendices include synopsis of General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs and a list of acronyms used in international trade.

The Elements of International English Style : A Guide to Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical Documents, and Internet Pages for a Global Audience
UNI Reference PE1421 .W39 2005
Discusses tactics people whose first language is English should use in communicating with others for whom English is a second or third language. Communication tactics cover areas such as simplicity, clarity, reduction of complexity, writing for translation, and cultural adaptation.

International Encyclopedia of Business and Management
UNI Reference HF1001 .I53 1996
This multi-volume set contains short articles written from an international frame of reference on subjects in accounting, economics, finance, management, MIS, HR, and marketing.

International Financial Reporting Standards : A Practical Guide
UNI Reference HF5611 .G74 2005

Langenscheidt Routledge German Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance
UNI Reference HF1002 .L358 2003

Regional Encyclopedia of Business and Management
UNI Reference HF1001 .R44 2000
Four volumes cover management in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the so-called emerging countries. Each volume covers specialized themes, such as business culture in Asia, and also provides profiles of management in various countries. The Management in Japan article, for example, discusses the ringi system, nemawashi and middle management, and the strengths and weaknesses of management as practiced in the country.

Webster's New World English-Spanish/Spanish-English Business Dictionary
Reference HF1002 .K375 2006

World Stock Exchange Fact Book
UNI Reference HG4551 .W66 2005
Provides more than 20 years of investment return data on 45 stock exchanges around the world.

Country Profiles top

The sources in this section include demographic and economic data and text on most countries of the world. See also the organizations mentioned at the beginning of the International Statistics and Trends section, such as the IMF, UN, World Bank, and OECD. Look for country information links on their pages.  Some sources, such as globalEDGE, provide details on cultural and social topics.

Background Notes
Published by the U.S. Department of State, provides facts and figures on the people, history, government, economy, and political conditions of nearly every country and its relations with the U.S.

BBC News Country Profiles
Reports provide overview of country's history, leaders, and media.

Pick country of interest from "Find Export Information by Country" drop-down. This will bring up a page that includes links to sources produced by the U.S. government about the country or by the other country's government about itself.

Country Briefings
Country entries include news, profiles, statistics, and forecasts prepared by The Economist and The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The Europa World Year Book
UNI Reference JN1 .E85 (most recent; earlier in Stacks)
Most country entries provide essays on recent history, government, defense, economic affairs, social welfare, and education. Also includes numerous tables on topics such as population, agriculture, fishing, mining, industrial production, finance, and trade.

globalEdge Country Insights
Provides statistical data on some 200 countries. Russia entry, for example, covers the country's economy, history, government, risk, trade stats, and resources. A Cultures section discusses business etiquette matters such as appointments, business dress, conversation, first name or titles, dealmaking, and entertainment. Country entries also provide convenient links to key doing business guides such as U.S. Dept. of Commerce Country Commercial Guide.

Global Competitiveness Report
UNI Reference HF1414.G559 2005/06
Country-by-country ranking on numerous competitiveness factors. Published by World Economic Forum, "within framework of Global Competitiveness Programme."

The World Factbook
UNI Reference G123 .W67 (most recent; earlier in Stacks)
Compiled by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency from information supplied by several government agencies, contains facts on the geography, people, economy, transportation, and communications of nearly every country.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies
UNI Reference HC15.W675
Provides overview of the structure of the economies of about 200 countries. Major sectors of the economies, such agriculture, industry, and services, are described in some detail. Data sources are provided in many cases and can be consulted for more details.

Doing Business Abroad top

The sources in this section cover the nuts and bolts of doing business abroad, cross cultural communication issues, and product and country research. Doing business reports for some individual countries can be found by doing a UNISTAR search for the phrase "doing business" and the name of the country, such as doing business and mexic*.

Country Commercial Guides via U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library
Prepared annually by U.S. embassies, these guides report on the economic, political, and market environments of numerous countries. Pick Country Commercial Guide on Report Type drop-down.

UNI Reference GT150 .C85 (most recent; earlier in Stacks)

Country entries typically cover topics such as religion, social attitudes, personal appearance, greetings, gestures, visiting, eating, families, dating and marriage, diet, and health.

Deloitte Country Guides
Written in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit, Deloitte Country Guides analyze topics such as the investment climate, business regulations, business taxes, and labor relations for about 40 nations. Pick Country Guides link from this Tax page.

Doing Business
This World Bank database aims to provide "objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement" for about 150 countries. Ranks the various national economies on a wide range of factors such as Starting a Business and Hiring and Firing.

Dun & Bradstreet's Guide to Doing Business Around the World
UNI Reference HF1416 M78 2001
Entries for some 40 countries provide pointers on the local view of time, the typical work week, religious and social influences on business, and other cultural tips.

United States International Trade Administration
This U.S. government site provides extensive information on exporting, countries, and market research intended to promote international trade. There are charges for some reports; such reports may be available through Stat-USA. Ask at Rod Library reference desk for help with passworded access to this database.

Industries and Markets

Business & Company Resource Center *
Includes industry and market reports for specific countries, such as "China - New Cars." These reports can be found by using the Industry or Advanced search forms; in Advanced, specify Industry Overviews as the Content Area and look for the Market Research tab at the top of search results.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries
UNI Reference HD 2324 E53 1996. Latest edition in Business & Company Resource Center
Provides global perspective on 115 industries, explaining industry organization and structure, current conditions, labor force, and major companies and countries.

European Business Facts and Figures
UNI Reference HC 241.2 P313
Library has: 1990, 1994- (Formerly: Panorama of EC Industry, Panorama of EU Industry) Detailed data and analysis of more than 20 major European industries. Market Research
Multi-agency U.S. government site provides links to data and trade information on numerous industries and countries. May have to register to access some reports. See link to Market Research Library search form; using this form, can search, for example, for market research reports on services in specific countries.

International Marketing Data and Statistics
UNI Reference HF 5410 I5 (most recent); Earlier in UNI Stacks
Library has: 1988/89, 1992, 1996-
Includes up to 16 years of consumer expenditure, price, and related marketing data for 160 countries.

Mintel Reports*
Contains several hundred market reports on specific products, about half on the U.S. and half on other countries. Reports often cover topics such as market drivers, market size and trends, market segments, supply structure, promotion, retail distribution, consumer profile, and forecasts.

National Trade Data Bank via Stat-USA*
Includes various free and fee-based documents such as International Marketing Insight Reports, Industry Sector Analysis Reports, Market Research Reports, and Best Market Reports. Rod Library has access to the fee reports because of its status as a federal depository library; ask at the reference desk for details.

Nihon Tokei Nenkan = Japan Statistical Year-Book
UNI Reference HA 1832 J36 (most recent); Earlier in UNI Stacks
Library has: 1970-1977, 1981-
Published by the Statistics Bureau of the Government of Japan, provides comprehensive summary of statistics on the country's population, economy, and society.

Russia & Eurasia Facts & Figures Annual
UNI Reference HA 1446 U17 (most recent); Earlier in UNI Stacks
Library has: 1977- (Formerly: USSR Facts & Figures Annual)
Contains demographic, economic, health, and related data for the former Soviet republics.

Statistical Resources on the Web Foreign Government Data Sources
Web site provides pointers to official government and other international economic data sources. Some non-U.S. government sites make some of their pages available in English; look for the word "English" or the U.S. or British flags for English-language content.

U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook
UNI Reference HC101 .U54
For each of more than 50 major U.S. industries, reports on global industry trends, factors affecting growth of the U.S. industry, global market prospects, and growth projections for the U.S. industry.

International Statistics and Trends top

The sources in this section contain basic international statistics, foreign economic conditions, forecasts, production, finance, and national income. Totals for the world and individual countries are provided. The following sources are published by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations, and the World Bank, all of which also include detailed statistics on their web sites.  National governments around the world also publish statistics through their various departments and ministries. Some non-U.S. government sites make some of their pages available in English; look for the word "English" or the U.S. or British flags for English-language content.

Demographic Yearbook
UNI Reference HA17 .D45
Data from the United Nations on population, births and deaths, infant mortality, and marriage.

International Financial Statistics Yearbook
UNI Reference HG61 .I57
Country tables from International Monetary Fund show up to 30 years of data on topics such as government finance, international trade, unemployment, interest rates, and prices.

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics
UNI Reference HC10 .I673 2005
Data from the United Nations on manufacturing industries: number of establishments and employees, wages, output, and so on. Ranks leading countries in various industries.

National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables
UNI Reference HC79.I5 U535
Detailed figures from the United Nations on subjects such as gross domestic product, government revenue and spending, household income, saving, and consumer expenditures.

OECD Economic Outlook
UNI Current Period HC10 .O685; Some articles available full text in ABI/INFORM Global. Forecasts the economic outlook for OECD member countries for the next two years.

OECD Economic Surveys: United States
UNI Reference HC106.6 .O7
One of a series of reports on OECD member countries that review economic conditions, monetary and fiscal policies, structural developments, and environmental sustainability of growth. To find reports for other countries, do a UNISTAR Keywords search for OECD Economic Surveys.

Statistical Yearbook= Annuaire Statistique
UNI Reference HA12.5 .U63
Data from the United Nations on topics such as population, health, economic activity, and international trade.

World Economic and Social Survey
UNI Reference HC59 .A169
This survey from the United Nations analyzes the current status of the international economy and development issues such as poverty, agriculture, education, and technology.

World Economic Outlook: A Survey By the Staff of the International Monetary Fund
UNI Reference HC10 .W7979
The International Monetary Fund forecasts the outlook for the world economy and for specific countries in areas such as gross domestic product, prices, and earnings.

International Trade top

Encyclopedia of Tariffs and Trade in U.S. History
UNI Reference HF1705 .E53 2003
Articles discuss development of tariffs from the 1600s to the present.

This U.S. government site explains how to determine tariffs and taxes on U.S. goods and services exported to other countries: identify Harmonized System number for your product, understand the tariff system and who pays what, find tariff rates for your product, and calculate duty and taxes.

Foreign Trade of the United States
UNI Reference HF1416.5 .F68
Contains detailed figures on U.S foreign trade in services and goods, as well as state and metropolitan area exports.

History of World Trade Since 1450
UNI Reference HF1379 .H574 2006

International Trade Statistics Yearbook
UNI Reference HF 91 U4732 (5 most recent); Earlier in UNI Stacks
Library has: 1951, 1956-1982, 1983- (Formerly: Yearbook of International Trade Statistics) This United Nations publication provides data on total exports and imports, leading trading partners, and exports and imports of specific products for more than 170 countries.

Statistical Resources on the Web: Foreign Trade
Provides links to numerous trade sources, published primarily by the U.S. government.

World Trade Organization
Contains statistics and official documents from this organization.

Companies top

The sources in this section provide information on companies that do business or are based in countries other than the U.S. Some provide brief profiles which list the company address, telephone number, sales, and number of employees, while others provide detailed financial and other information.

Reporting and financial disclosure requirements vary from country to country. Disclosure documents are available at no charge through the regulatory body's web site in some cases. For example, publicly-held Canadian companies and investment funds are required to file documents such as annual reports with a system called SEDAR - System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval. These documents can be accessed online for no charge. Rhodes-Blakeman Associates provides a directory of reporting and filing requirements for numerous countries. Publicly-held companies may provide the text of required filings on their own web sites as well.

Business & Company Resource Center *
Ranks U.S. and non-U.S. companies within industries; company entries include links to articles, industry overviews, and investment reports.

Company Directories:Global
Compiled by Michigan State University, this web site points to company and investment information; arranged by country. See Company Directories section.

D&B Europa
UNI Reference HG 4132 Z5 D86
Lists 60,000 European companies. Arranged by country, entries include usual directory information plus percent of sales from exports and financials such as net worth and profitability.

Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries
UNI Reference HG 4538 A1 D5
Lists 2,500 U.S. corporations with 18,500 branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates in 132 countries.

Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States
UNI Reference HG 4057 A155
Lists 1,644 companies in 46 countries and 2,813 U.S. companies owned by these firms headquartered outside the U.S.

LexisNexis Academic *
The Business/Company Dossier search form accesses numerous international company sources such as CoreDate and WorldScope. WorldScope provides detailed company financial statements and ratios.

Mergent International Manual (formerly Moody's International Manual)
UNI Reference HG 4009 M66 (most recent); Earlier in UNI Stacks
Library has: 1981-
Company entries include history, lines of business, financial statements, and capital structure.

Finding Articles top

The tools in this section index and in many cases provide the full text of articles in scholarly journals, in general business magazines, and in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal.

These links go directly to the source if you are accessing from on campus. If accessing from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your last name and UNI ID number. All of the online sources in this section are also listed under Databases A-Z and under Field of Study on the library home page.

Multiple company information databases can be searched simultaneously using Panther Prowler.

Also, many of the databases can be accessed via the Rod Library Business Portal.

The search forms for these databases - ABI/INFORM, Business & Company Resource Center, and Business Source Elite - include a box that can be checked to limit results to scholarly or academic or peer-reviewed journals. This method does not work perfectly, but it will produce results that are more likely to be from academic journals.

Indexes periodicals in all major business disciplines; provides article full text or image online in many cases. Covers academic journals, trade journals, business magazines and newspapers, doctoral dissertations, and Hoover's premium company information.  In the Advanced Search mode, one can specify that the article deal with a particular Location (see drop-down list of fields on right side of search form).

Business & Company Resource Center
Indexes about 3,700 business periodicals; provides full text or image for about 2,700. Also includes company profiles, press releases, investment company analyses, and other reference materials.

Business Source Elite*
Indexes periodicals in all other major business disciplines; provides article full text or image online in many cases. It also includes about 10,000  U.S. and non-U.S. company profiles from Datamonitor; many of these include SWOT analyses.

LexisNexis Academic *
Business section includes numerous international company reference sources and articles. The News section includes a World News search form and a non-English language news search form.

*Wall Street Journal via *ABI/INFORM
Wall Street Journal Asia and Wall Street Journal Europe via Library PressDisplay
The ABI/INFORM database contains the full text of articles from the Wall Street Journal back to 1984. Today's issue is available early in the morning. After logging on, do a Publication Search to go to particular issues of the Journal. Alternatively, go to Advanced Search and specify that Wall Street Journal must be in the Publication Title. Library PressDisplay has the latest 60 days of the Wall Street Journal Asia and Europe editions.

Other Internet Resources

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