New Dictionaries on Stands

Dozens of new dictionaries have replaced older editions on the dictionary stands located around the library, and many of the stands themselves have been relocated, to provide library users with the most current and convenient information possible.

Sixty-five new unabridged and collegiate dictionaries were purchased with special funds. Altogether, 46 stands in the library hold 91 of these frequently used reference books. While the dictionaries can be used right at their stands, each stand also holds at least one smaller collegiate dictionary, which can easily be carried to a study table or desk for further use.

The stands were moved in order to place them in higher-traffic areas and closer to areas with the most study tables and desks, and also to spread them more evenly around the library. In addition, stands are often found in similar locations on each floor of the building, including near most stairways and elevators. A map of the stands can be found here.