How do I get a book that is currently checked out?

If the UNISTAR screen displays a date under the STATUS line of a book you want, that means the book is checked out and due on the date shown. You may ask us to hold it for you upon its return by bringing your ID card and the book's call number to the Circulation Desk. Once a hold is placed on a book, a recall notice is sent to the person who currently has it. That person is entitled to keep the book for the full three-week loan period, but may return it sooner knowing someone is waiting for it. You will be notified by mail when the book becomes available. A pick-up deadline will be stated on the notice. If you have not come in for the book by that time, it will be returned to the shelves. Youth books, Bound Periodicals, and Information File material may not be held.

If you should receive a recall notice for a book you have checked out, please be sure to return it by the date indicated on the notice, as fine rates increase for failure to respond to a recall. The increase is by $.50/day for students, visitors, and merit staff and $2.00/day for faculty/P&S. This is in addition to the regular overdue fine. Also, your library checkout privileges will be blocked until all overdue recalled items are returned.