Rod Library Mini ComicCon 2014


Pre Conference Events

"White Scripts, Black Supermen"  Film and Discussion Wednesday February 12, 7:00pm Lib Room 324

Sade Barfield from Communication Studies will lead a discussion about black masculinities following the film "White Scripts, Black Supermen."

"Using Comics in the Classroom" Monday, March 10, noon-1:00 pm, LIB 378

Harry Brod (SAC), Kate Hein (CIEP), Stephen Gaies (Languages and Literatures), Catherine Miller (Mathematics), Wendy Miller (Art), Paul Siddens (Communication Studies)

Join us for a panel discussion of the many ways that faculty from a variety of different disciplines use comics and graphic novels to promote student learning. Come and get some ideas for ways you might incorporate comics or graphic novels into your teaching! Co-Sponsored with CETL

"Representations of Women in Comics: How Women are Drawn, Dressed, Desired and Discarded" March 12, 3:00pm-4:00pm, Lib Room 324

Panel Discussion. Annette Lynch (School of Applied Human Science), Mike Welch (Cedar Falls Public Library) will discuss how women are characterized and used in plot development.

ComicCon Event March 29th Noon-5:00pm Rod Library

Presentations, artists, and events are being added regularly.  Check here, our Facebook Event page, and Twitter for updates!

Convention Rules/Information

General Behavior

  • Don't be a jerk.  Please don't intentionally irritate your fellow attendees or do anything inappropriate or dangerous.  This is an ALL AGES event. Any extremely risque, overly gory or costumes deemed inappropriate by our staff will be asked to leave or change
  • All University policies apply, i.e. we are a Smoke Free Campus.
  • Weapons and props must follow the weapons policy found on the Costume Contest page.
  • All participants agree to let Rod Library use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.
  • UNI Parking permits are not enforced on the weekend.  The parking map can be found here.  Rod Library building is #25.  There is some construction fencing around Baker, but the front entrance to the Rod is still accessible.  The Baker parking lot is also closed due to contruction. Alternative routes around Baker can be found here.



"Writing With Pictures"

Join Phil Hester as he discusses his career in the Comic Book Industry. Hester's penciling credits include Swamp Thing, Brave New World, Flinch, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Clerks: The Lost Scene, The Crow: Waking Nightmares, The Wretch, Aliens: Purge, and Green Arrow.

“Surviving Conventions Without Losing Your Mind”

Bailey Hager provides an in-depth guide to successfully surviving the convention scene without losing your mind or losing too much sleep. Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran, if it's a small convention or a big convention, it's always good to be prepared.

"Racism in Disney"

Join Zach Lowe for a discussion about Disney, Race and Self Censorship.

"Introduction to Cosplay"

Interested in cosplay, the art of dressing up? Join Rena Throndson to learn about getting started, budgeting, props, wigs, and everything you'll need to step into the wonderful world of cosplay.

"Breaking In"

R J Boehmer provides basic information on breaking into the business of comics, from the viewpoint of a publisher and writer, including a Q&A session.


"Writing Superheroes"

Join Andrew Hope, as he discusses writing Superheroes, his philosophy of character-driven, cinematic action books, and why it can be a viable creative genre.

"Gain a Superpower WIth Science"

Join UNI STEM Coordinator Marcy Seavey as she uses low budget tech to temporarily give you the ability to hear light! Not just visible light, you'll hear invisible light as well! Experience hearing light and then learn how NASA uses similar technology to learn about far away objects in space just by sensing light.

“A Brief History of Comics, Underground Comix and Graphic Novels”

Paul Siddens’ presentation provides insights into the development of the comic book genre from its beginnings in the 1930’s to the underground commix of the 1960’s, and how they both influenced and led to today’s graphic novels.


'"Flame On!': Nuclear Families, Unstable Molecules, and the Queer History of 'The Fantastic Four'"

Released to popular acclaim in 1961, The Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics) tells the story of anti-Communist space adventurers who gain extraordinary powers when cosmic rays alter their physiology. In this talk, Ramzi Fawaz explores the surprising evolution of the comic-book series, which used the mutated bodies of its heroes to depict the transformation of the bread-winning father, doting wife and bickering male siblings of the 1950s nuclear family into icons of 1960s radicalism: the left-wing intellectual, the liberal feminist, the political activist, and the potential queer.

"People with Disabilities in Comics"

Ever wonder if there are more disabled superheroes than Professor X and Oracle? Zach Smith will lead a discussion about disabled superheroes, both mentally and physically. What is their importance to the canon? How different would comics be without them? Of course, this panel won't be comprehensive, but we will try our best. Q & A will follow.

"Cosplay for Plus Sizes"

Rena Thronsdson will cover the ins and outs of making or finding a plus-sized cosplay. Tips and tricks on how to alter patterns and clothing to make it more comfortable for bigger cosplayers, along with plus- friendly cosplay web sites.


 "Cosplay Wigs 101"

Join Erica Wery as she covers cosplay wig basics. How to purchase, style, and maintain to enhance your costume.

 "Spiderman Can't Talk About Drugs!" Censorship in Comics from Seduction of the Innocent to the Present"

After the publication of Seduction of the Innocent by Frederic Wertham, the Comics Code Authority was established to regulate the content of comic books. Anna Hollingsworth will examine how the code was used to censor content as well as how comics continue to be censored in the present. 


"U.S.  Censorship of Anime and Manga"

Anime and Manga has long been edited for the American audiences.  This panel will discuss a variety of reasons for altering Japanese media, ranging from cultural differences to meeting FCC guidelines.  This panel will include the alteration of nudity, sexuality, profanity, and violence and is recommended for attendees over the age of 16 .

 "Representing the Holocaust and Genocide Through Comics and Graphic Novels"

Comics/graphic novels have been used in a variety of ways to represent, for a wide range of audiences and purposes, the Holocaust and other genocides as well as other atrocity crimes and human rights issues. Stephen Gaies’ presentation is a visual survey of comics/graphic novels on these subjects by some of the leading names in the field as well as by lesser-known artists.

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