Audio-Visual and Other Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is located at the MultiService Center on the second floor and the Fine and Performing Arts Collection on the fourth floor.  Both floors also have listening/viewing rooms available for checkout in the respective areas. The Digital Media Hub on the second floor has equipment for check out from the Media Consultants.

  MultiService Center Fine and Performing Arts Collection Digital Media Hub
Kindle  x    
Laptop Computers  x    
Nooks  x    
TVs with DVD player  x  x  
TVs with VCR  x  x  
TV with Blu Ray Player x    
CD players    x  
Cassettes players/recorders  x  x  
Digital Voice Recorder  x    
Photography Lighting Kit  x    
LP players    x  
16mm Movie Projector  x    
Slide Projectors    x  
Digital microfilm/microfiche/microcard reader/printer    x      
Scanner     x  x  
Headphones   x  x  
Computer Mouses x    
Flash drives  x    
Calculators  x    
Laptop chargers  x       
Cell phone charger  x    
Crayons  x    
Colored pencils  x    
Colored markers  x    
Glue stick x    
Highlighters  x    
Scissors  x    
Sharpies  x    
Stapler  x    
Wite out  x    

Headphones can be checked out from the Reserve desk for 3 Hour Building Use Only. Group viewing room key can be checked out from the Circulation desk for 3 hour use.