Emeritus Faculty Studies - Policy Statement to Users

  1. Faculty studies are assigned for one or two terms at a time.  You are expected to vacate your study and to return your key by the last day of the last term of your assignment.
  2. The studies are to be used only for your individual research and writing, and you are not to use them for conferences with students or colleagues.
  3. The studies are designed strictly for use by a single individual, thus you should not plan work that will involve clerical or student assistants being in your study. Clerical or student assistants should not be permitted to use the key to your study.
  4. Be sure to keep your study locked whenever you are not there.
  5. Do not take books from the stacks to your study for more than a few hours without first charging them out at the Circulation Desk. Studies will be checked occasionally by circulation assistants to make certain that we have proper records for all library books in your study.
  6. We will not contact you for telephone calls or messages except in emergencies.
  7. Please inform the Library Dean's Office of any problems related to cleaning your study, emptying the waste basket, etc.
  8. Typing and computing are permitted in the studies, although you must supply your own typewriter or computer. The library does have a few typing stands that can be used in the faculty studies.
  9. In the future if demand exceeds the number of available faculty studies, a person who has been granted two consecutive terms of occupancy will normally be given low priority for the following two terms.


Dean of Library Services

November 2010